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Wi-Fi Analytics Get Real: Optimizing Wi-Fi Network for Maximum Coverage

Wi-Fi analytics solutions help in using the information available through the wireless network to gain detailed insights about visitors and make better informed decisions about the physical space. It provides information about the locations visited, in which order, and time spent in each location. It offers an easy option to study, understand, and analyze the demographics of the population that uses the Wi-Fi services. It gives a point of entry to gauge the propensities of the users, their location, interests, and search interests. Hence, several industries use Wi-Fi analytics to tabulate key consumer data and use it to make informed decisions.

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How to Protect Your Home Network – 5 Tips to Follow

Do you have Wi-Fi at home? Do you have at least one device that is connected to the Internet? Are your friends or relatives coming to see you? Now the most important question: Are you sure you are fully protected? Get started and answer these questions; no one is watching you, or maybe if? We will come back to this later in this article.

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