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Why Actuarial Data of Insurers is A Treasure for Customer Knowledge?

At the heart of insurer activity, actuarial data is a valuable tool for risk prediction and price calculation for each of the risks covered. Can this data also help to anticipate precisely the insured life events, and thus feed insurers’ customer knowledge? Can risk prediction be transformed into customer prediction, relying on the latest data analysis technologies?

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What Opportunities A Career In Fintech Can Offer Students?

43% of all student loans are classed as ‘in distress’. This is where students pay too little or default, causing their loan balance to increase. However, for students looking to pay off their debts as quickly as possible, forging a new career in the fintech industry is a wise move. In the first half of the year, the sector raised an impressive $41.7bn. Furthermore, there are ample opportunities in the technology industry which can’t be found anywhere else.

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The Role of IoT in the Future of Stock Trading and Demat Accounts

Technology and innovation have been the foundation for the development of India’s stock market exchanges from its modest initial beginnings to one of the most significant market environments on the planet. While financial growth and a more substantial enthusiasm for open organizations helped in boosting stock exchange action, yet it was maybe innovation that assumed the most critical job in making stock trades and stock exchanging India as advanced as it is today.

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