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Data Mining: How to Best Exploit the Potential of Data

Data plays a central role in e-commerce. In order to optimize the sales process, online stores strive to collect and analyze user data. Using analysis tools, figures and indicators can reveal the purchasing behavior of consumers, ranging from the products they place in their online shopping cart to the products viewed.

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Data Mining: Top 7 Best Startups to Watch

Data Mining is a technology of analyzing data from different perspectives in order to identify correlations between them. This technology could have many use cases: marketing, supplier relationships, health, safety…there are not enough areas where data mining is used. To give you an overview of the possibilities available, here is a selection of the best startups using this technology.

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What are the Differences between Data Analytics, Data Science, and Big Data Analytics?

Is Data Analytics reserved for large groups? These days, we are talking a lot about Data Analytics (DA), Business Intelligence (BI), Data Mining, Data Science, Big Data, and so on. But do we know their meanings of these buzz words?
Year after year, the notions hidden behind these words evolve and because each professional of the analytics (data specialist or software publisher) assigns them a perimeter specific to their own profession and their environment of intervention.

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