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The Ultimate Benefits of Mobile Payments for Businesses during COVID-19 Outbreak

The COVID-19 outbreak has affected one’s economic and social well-being tremendously. But simultaneously, it has been a key driver of digitalization the world over. Digital payments, particularly mobile payments, have emerged as a means for enterprises and businesses to operate in this new normal. Payments historically had been confined to credit cards, debit cards, or cash. Yet with the advances of smartphones, today, payments can be made by simply taping or waiving a mobile phone over the terminal reader.

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Tech & Software You Need for Job Hunting

With every year that goes by, technology continues to play a larger role in every part of our work lives, from the job search to our company culture, and that is truer today than ever before. With the arrival of COVID-19, fewer people are leaving home to hand out resumes, and employers are depending more on their own tech to find the best applicants.

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A 5G App A Day (Keeps the Doctor Away): The Impact of 5G on Healthcare

As the coronavirus continues to cut its devastating swath around the globe, a crowded doctor’s office or overflowing ER is, quite literally, the last place you want to be unless it’s absolutely, positively unavoidable. And as people in virtually every corner of the globe retreat to the safety of their homes to try to escape the pathogen, those in need of medical care are left searching for solutions.

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