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Infographic: How Blockchains Will Transform Healthcare

Blockchain technology is amongst the most important trends for encryption and secure data storage in this new decade. Security without compromised accessibility is a key value add for any technology, with the emergence of stricter privacy legislations and data theft minimisation making blockchains a go-to means of transforming existing industry operating models.

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Blockchain at the Service of International Trade: Commodities in the Spotlight

The technology of shared or distributed networks, commonly known as Blockchain , has all the necessary assets to establish itself as the essential technology in the sectors of maritime transport and international trade, particularly because of its high potential for transparency and security.

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Human-Machine Interactions: 5 Key Emerging Technologies

AI, Blockchain, biohacking, immersion, ubiquitous computing are at the heart of the 2018 Hype Cycle emerging technologies identified by Gartner. In the 2018 edition of its Emerging Technologies Hype Cycle, Gartner has identified five major trends that, according to the research firm, blur the boundaries between the human and the machine.

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