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Smart City: Digital and Ethics Must Go Together

The term “Smart City”, is often used as a slogan, refers to the use of technology and digital data to improve services to the population and the management of cities. There are more and more cities around the world are interested in making the cities smarter. This is not surprising. While digital is ubiquitous and diffuses in all spheres of society, it is normal to seek to integrate it into urban management to take advantage of the benefits it can bring.

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Why Privacy Matter in a Digital World with Smart Technologies

In the not-too-distant past, we went to the Supreme Court to prohibit the disclosure of certain personal information and thus protect its image. Today, we share them obediently with a talkative phone in unprotected relationship with the planet. Are we carefree? Not yet, but at risk of becoming so in an environment yet described as “smart”. Do we want to reduce this risk?

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Why Automation is Key to Unlock the Value of Big Data?

In a world where everything from wearable technology to smart home devices is connected to the Internet, data is everywhere, and there has never been as much information about consumer habits and preferences as today. But what can this data do for and how can the automation of their analysis help your business?

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