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What are the Main Trends of Digital Communication in 2018?

2018 is full of trends in different areas, today we are focusing on the marketing trends that have marked this year in case you missed them.

Augmented Reality (AR)

This technology is more and more popular with businesses. Generally used at points of sale, some companies use it in their street marketing strategy. Currently, it is a well-known brand of footwear that makes talk about it with the use of Augmented Reality.

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What are the Most Used Social Networks by Companies in 2018?

Companies have understood that it is important to use both social media and internal communication strategies in their internal communication strategy. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat … but how to navigate all these social networks? What are the most popular social networks for corporate communication strategies? The latest edition of the Hootsuite Barometer and Visionary Marketing tells us exactly how companies make use of social media.

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What will be the 2019 Trends in Stores in the United States?

2018 is a rich year in the field of mass distribution in the United States. The war between Wal-Mart and Amazon is boosting the sector and many brands and start-ups are emerging. Brands are developing smarter, more tactical strategies to move forward and deliver a better in-store experience to an ever-changing customer base. 2019 promises to be exciting, and even if the year is far from over, here are some trends detected by the Lab SQLI for next year in the field of retail and stores.

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How Quickly has the Mobile Commerce Industry Changed?

Go back to the start of the decade, and mobile commerce was a growing industry. We were told that, by 2018, more people would be using the internet on a smartphone than on a desktop or laptop device. According to Signal Booster’s infographic below though, that is now true: 55% of the 3.2 billion internet users across the globe are using mobile devices.

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What Opportunities A Career In Fintech Can Offer Students?

43% of all student loans are classed as ‘in distress’. This is where students pay too little or default, causing their loan balance to increase. However, for students looking to pay off their debts as quickly as possible, forging a new career in the fintech industry is a wise move. In the first half of the year, the sector raised an impressive $41.7bn. Furthermore, there are ample opportunities in the technology industry which can’t be found anywhere else.

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How to Stand Out from Competitors on the Internet?

To conquer a market, a single watchword: stand out! Today, it is no longer enough to be passionate and to invest deeply in your project to succeed. Competition on the web is getting tougher and ads are more and more present and intrusive. In this context, how can you put your business forward to distinguish it from the competition?

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How Digital Marketing Is Helping to Invent New Jobs?

There are at least seven new digital marketing jobs that didn’t exist a decade ago, according to a new report from Forbes. While many fear that the rise of technology will lead to job losses, this isn’t backed up by empirical evidence. For every job that can be automated, a new exciting career opportunity appears. As social media and internet usage in general has soared, new jobs are being invented, seemingly out of thin air. Here are three of the biggest opportunities in digital marketing that didn’t exist ten years ago.

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How Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are Transforming the World?

The massive increase in the flow of information coupled with analytic technologies is transforming companies in depth. These are oriented towards the management of their activities and integrate new solutions and technologies carried by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in its wake, Machine Learning. Even if some markets are still looking and all sectors do not all take advantage of the levers of innovation generated by the data, a revolution is indeed underway.

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5 Tips to Improve the ROI of Your Marketing Actions

Boost the Return on Investment (ROI) of your online campaigns has become your number one goal? Learn how to do this by learning which data to use and the key steps to follow for a guaranteed outcome.

As a marketer, you face several obstacles, including one that comes up regularly: the budget. While it is certain that the actions carried out involve sometimes significant expenses

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