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What are the New Threats in the Race of Artificial Intelligence?

The race for Artificial Intelligence is launched. Like any technology, AI is not a risk in itself; it is its use that will determine the level and nature of the threats it is likely to cause. AI opens fabulous perspectives in the medical field, in the transport sector, even the protection of the environment. Nevertheless, these latest developments also draw a new spectrum of threats that we will attempt to outline, focusing on three specific types:  military ethics, socio-political and geopolitical.

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Successful Digital Strategy: From Big Data to Smart Data

Improving the customer experience and meeting the growing demands of customers are the two main motivations of companies for the development of digital strategies. It is essential to understand the customers during their entire journey. Personas, customer experience cards and contact point strategies are used as analytical tools for today’s businesses. We collect a lot of customer data; but how can we turn it  from Big Data to smart data?

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Blockchain at the Service of International Trade: Commodities in the Spotlight

The technology of shared or distributed networks, commonly known as Blockchain , has all the necessary assets to establish itself as the essential technology in the sectors of maritime transport and international trade, particularly because of its high potential for transparency and security.

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Why Carrying Out A Data Project is Still A Road with Pitfalls?

For businesses, the use and analysis of data has become an important driver of their growth. But developing a data project is a complex process that requires certain criteria to be transformed into real success. Companies must create innovative products that are adapted to the uses of their customers in a much more regular and accelerated way.

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Exploitation of Data for Marketing Purposes

The proliferation of data on the Internet encourages companies to exploit this gold mine to increase their market share and increase the volume of their sales.

Recent data mining techniques for marketing include geolocation. Thanks to the latest technologies, especially those used by smartphone applications,

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Can AI Add a Personal Touch to Human Resources?

In 2017, IBM launched a study of how AI can effectively be woven into the HR and onboarding experience. After polling top CEOs, they found that 66% of them believe cognitive computing can drive significant value in HR. From the ability to enhance the efficiency with which human resource managers can filter and process resumes to the ability to reduce bias and human error, artificial intelligence is impacting business practices in a big way. However, HR has only seen the tip of the iceberg. There are many advancements yet to come.

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