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Exploitation of Data for Marketing Purposes

The proliferation of data on the Internet encourages companies to exploit this gold mine to increase their market share and increase the volume of their sales.

Recent data mining techniques for marketing include geolocation. Thanks to the latest technologies, especially those used by smartphone applications,

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Why Actuarial Data of Insurers is A Treasure for Customer Knowledge?

At the heart of insurer activity, actuarial data is a valuable tool for risk prediction and price calculation for each of the risks covered. Can this data also help to anticipate precisely the insured life events, and thus feed insurers’ customer knowledge? Can risk prediction be transformed into customer prediction, relying on the latest data analysis technologies?

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What are the Main Trends of Digital Communication in 2018?

2018 is full of trends in different areas, today we are focusing on the marketing trends that have marked this year in case you missed them.

Augmented Reality (AR)

This technology is more and more popular with businesses. Generally used at points of sale, some companies use it in their street marketing strategy. Currently, it is a well-known brand of footwear that makes talk about it with the use of Augmented Reality.

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What are the Most Used Social Networks by Companies in 2018?

Companies have understood that it is important to use both social media and internal communication strategies in their internal communication strategy. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Snapchat … but how to navigate all these social networks? What are the most popular social networks for corporate communication strategies? The latest edition of the Hootsuite Barometer and Visionary Marketing tells us exactly how companies make use of social media.

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How to Stand Out from Competitors on the Internet?

To conquer a market, a single watchword: stand out! Today, it is no longer enough to be passionate and to invest deeply in your project to succeed. Competition on the web is getting tougher and ads are more and more present and intrusive. In this context, how can you put your business forward to distinguish it from the competition?

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How Big Data and Artificial Intelligence are Transforming the World?

The massive increase in the flow of information coupled with analytic technologies is transforming companies in depth. These are oriented towards the management of their activities and integrate new solutions and technologies carried by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and in its wake, Machine Learning. Even if some markets are still looking and all sectors do not all take advantage of the levers of innovation generated by the data, a revolution is indeed underway.

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How Big Data Can Help Reduce the Attrition Rate of Banks

According to a recent study, one in two customers is willing to change banks in the next six months. What does this mean? It means some backs are lack of personalized products and services. At a time when competition between banks is raging, it is essential that they change their methods to build a sustainable banking relationship and reduce the attrition rate, or churn rate, a term to determine a bank’s ability to retain customers

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Data Analysis: Why is It So Important to Business?

Every business, no matter how big, is always looking to create and deliver the best products and services. This is laudable but in real life it is unacceptable not to analyze the data regularly. Developing great solutions and striving to attract new customers is not enough.

A critical eye should be placed in data analysis and extracting as much relevant data as possible to assist in decision making.

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Speech Recognition: How Does It Work?

Like many in recent years, you have experienced the massive democratization of personal assistants. In the same way, seeing a friend or co-worker giving strange orders or asking funny questions on the phone has never been more normal than today. As you may have noticed, we are in the era of cognitive technologies, and voice recognition is one of them.

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