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Wi-Fi Analytics Get Real: Optimizing Wi-Fi Network for Maximum Coverage

Wi-Fi analytics solutions help in using the information available through the wireless network to gain detailed insights about visitors and make better informed decisions about the physical space. It provides information about the locations visited, in which order, and time spent in each location. It offers an easy option to study, understand, and analyze the demographics of the population that uses the Wi-Fi services. It gives a point of entry to gauge the propensities of the users, their location, interests, and search interests. Hence, several industries use Wi-Fi analytics to tabulate key consumer data and use it to make informed decisions.

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Big Data: What are the Qualities Required to Become A Data Analyst?

At every moment, business must process a lot of information. Queries from customers, interactions with prospect, use of online platforms, lead scoring, supplier risk management…Big Data is everywhere.To transform Big Data into smart data, it is necessary to have a person who can understand data, organize and process data correctly so that it has concrete and real utility.

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How Big Data Analytics Creates Value in Your Smart Home Life?

The revolutionary phenomenon of the Internet of Things (IoT) has changed the face of the computer industry. With technological advances, we have all experienced wonderful changes in our daily routine, even these things have seen massive insurrections that were not even considered technologically managed. I’m talking specifically about innovation in smart home technology.

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Predictive Analytics, What is Its Interest in Business?

Anticipating, controlling and, above all, automating actions in companies are increasingly necessary needs in the professional world. Automating actions to make them more reliable and gaining productivity is a goal for many companies. Today, the terms Artificial Intelligence, Big data or predictive analytics are very often used. They represent a new sector still vague for the public.

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A Data Lake without Enterprise Architecture is A Leap into the Void

The Big Data, Data Science, Data Lake triptych has generated the hope of new business opportunities, based on better exploitation of the supposed value of the data.

This new Eldorado inspired by technologies created by the GAFA is often perceived as a purely technical solution. However, it seems necessary to address the essential contributions of enterprise architecture in the valuation and success of a Data Lake through three distinct chapters:

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The Connected Consumer: New Behaviors to Understand

Yesterday, manufacturers, wholesalers and traders led the game. Today, we have smartphone, computer, tablet, but also shows, scales, refrigerator and other everyday objects become connected. The provision of data on our environment and on our own way of life now seems natural to us and we know how to consult and exploit them. This trend is forcing distributors and other businesses to tackle traditional sales and marketing models.

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