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Predictive Analytics, What is Its Interest in Business?

Anticipating, controlling and, above all, automating actions in companies are increasingly necessary needs in the professional world. Automating actions to make them more reliable and gaining productivity is a goal for many companies. Today, the terms Artificial Intelligence, Big data or predictive analytics are very often used. They represent a new sector still vague for the public.

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A Data Lake without Enterprise Architecture is A Leap into the Void

The Big Data, Data Science, Data Lake triptych has generated the hope of new business opportunities, based on better exploitation of the supposed value of the data.

This new Eldorado inspired by technologies created by the GAFA is often perceived as a purely technical solution. However, it seems necessary to address the essential contributions of enterprise architecture in the valuation and success of a Data Lake through three distinct chapters:

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The Connected Consumer: New Behaviors to Understand

Yesterday, manufacturers, wholesalers and traders led the game. Today, we have smartphone, computer, tablet, but also shows, scales, refrigerator and other everyday objects become connected. The provision of data on our environment and on our own way of life now seems natural to us and we know how to consult and exploit them. This trend is forcing distributors and other businesses to tackle traditional sales and marketing models.

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Cloud Security: Things to Consider When Transitioning to a Cloud Service

Prospective cloud service customers are responsible for exercising due diligence in choosing the right cloud service provider for their business. It is important to explain to all employees involved in the deployment of this service: the basics of the provider, the architecture, the services and the tools offered to help them accomplish this task. In addition, ensure that everyone understands the vendor’s security model and the implications of its role in deploying this service.

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What is Enterprise Resource Planning Software and How it Can Join the IoT Ecosystem?

Although the Internet of Things (IoT) was once a tech buzzword, it’s now a reality for businesses and people worldwide. IoT is the term for the network of of physical devices with internet access, which includes anything from mobile phones, to smart watches, to washing machines and even cars. Though IoT is already integrated into the daily lives of many, its impact is expected to grow in the next few years. Market reports suggest more than 42 billion devices will be connected to the internet by 2022, meaning forward-thinking businesses can use IoT to their benefit.

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The Wonderful World of IoT can Quickly Become A Nightmare

Back from our study mission to the USA on the subject of the Internet of Things (IoT) and AI, all the players insisted, Cisco and Microsoft in mind, on the importance of network security, systems and access. This is indeed a key point for the wonderful world of connected objects does not turn tomorrow into our worst nightmare…

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