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Infographic: Why AI Chatbots Can Improve Your Customer Service

If you had to think of one thing that’s changed the way you’re reaching your customers, it’s probably something like chatting. Instant chats (e.g., AI chatbots) are an amazing way to answer fundamental questions that used to be handled only through a phone call or a return email. Instead, oftentimes every day and at any hour, a chat function can be a way to help people feel as if they are getting some personalized service, and getting it when they want it.

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Infographic: Why Behavioral Segmentation and How to Implement It?

When’s the last time that you felt successful using traditional marketing? By that I mean—have you done some direct mail in which you’ve gotten a boost in sales or customers? Or have you even put a billboard up or bought an ad in the newspaper in which you’ve been able to measure the results? If you’re like many businesses, you’ve realized that those old-fashioned marketing methods aren’t going to cut it anymore, and that in fact there are new online marketing methods almost every day (or so it seems).

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