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Hero IoT is Eradicating Water Issues. Explore How!

The former Secretary General of UN, Boutros Boutros Ghali, in 1985, once said, “The next war in the Middle East will be fought over water, not politics”. With every passing day, his words of wisdom seem to be ringing true. Not just for the Middle East but for the entire world at once. In the 21st century, the unavoidable combination of swift urbanization and ever-increasing population is demanding water frequently. Unfortunately, regular water supply is still a faraway dream for several parts of the world. The beauty of flora and fauna exists due to water. But as the water bodies are getting polluted, we are losing out on both the aquatic as well as the non-aquatic beauties.

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The Future of Oil Supply Chain – Powered by IoT

Whether it is oil extraction or the oil supply chain, the oil and gas industry need something which can bring more transparency into their operations. It’s been long since the oil and gas companies have been utilizing the sensor technology, but the limited sensing capabilities of the extraction network are reflected by the fact that most of the crucial tasks such as leak detection are executed using linear balancing equations like real-time transient models, negative pressure wave, and corrected volume balances.

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