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How to Make a Killer eCommerce Product Video

Most people who sell eCommerce products neglect the video medium as an essential part of their overall marketing strategy. They often think that only big brands need to invest in videos for their online stores. However, there are plenty of examples where product videos helped small businesses tremendously (case studies). Furthermore, here is some more information on how eCommerce product videos can help you increase conversions. Let’s see if it’s time for you to start investing in this type of content.

Before deciding on whether or not your online store requires product videos, let’s check the benefits related to them:

1. YouTube is Preferable for B2C Marketing

Most marketing experts claim that marketing through YouTube is more effective for business-to-consumer (B2C) than business-to-business (B2B). Since the former is all about building trust and making emotional connections, videos are always better than written content

2. Videos Make an Impact on Mobile Devices

According to studies, eCommerce product video works well on small screens. Furthermore, YouTube now accounts for more than 50% of mobile video consumption. That’s why it is so important to invest in YouTube advertising if your target audience mainly uses mobile devices to access the web these days.

3. Product Videos Boost SEO Rankings

Google loves good quality video content. That’s because search algorithms rank websites with informative videos higher in SERP rankings. The main reason for this is that online shopper behavior is entirely different from web user behavior. The former wants to watch a video about a particular product instead of reading its description.

4. Videos Lead to Higher Conversions

According to recent studies, online shoppers who view videos are more likely to buy a product than those who don’t. Furthermore, according to another study, the number of people willing to purchase increases by 20%, on average. Since eCommerce marketing revolves around increasing conversions, this extra 20% in your total revenue is always welcome!

There are three types of videos for online stores:

  • Unboxing Videos – These are mainly used for physical goods when potential customers can’t test a product themselves.
  • Product Demo Videos – Used to demonstrate the benefits of a particular product. These are mainly related to B2C marketing as they can help you build trust and make emotional connections with potential shoppers.
  • Explainer/Presentation Videos – These are more for eCommerce stores selling digital products. Since there is no physical good, these videos should demonstrate some benefit your business offers so that viewers feel compelled to buy it.

Steps to Follow When Making an Ecommerce Video

If you want to introduce your company, products, or services in an educational and entertaining way, consider making a video for social media.

1. Come up with a unique idea to stand out from the crowd

When creating a video for marketing purposes, don’t just throw together some demos of your product or shoot an advert that people have already seen 100 times before. Instead, think about what makes your product different and interesting and how you could communicate its benefits in a new way. This will help you establish a distinctive style so that when people see your videos on social media, they’ll instantly know it’s from you.

2. Write an engaging script

Most people are more likely to share content when something is interesting to say about it. So, instead of just listing your products or services, use creative words and short phrases to create excitement about the features visible in the video.

3. Make your videos look professional and entertaining

There’s no use in making a video if it looks unprofessional. Investing in the right equipment will give your videos the edge over all other eCommerce stores. Using a video editor can be a big help as it allows you to add audio to your video and even subtitles.

4. Testimonials are key

You want to show your viewers that your products are right for them. One way of clarifying this is by presenting multiple customer testimonials throughout the video. Highlight what makes the product valuable and memorable and how it has helped each person. For eCommerce businesses, you can ask friends or family members to help with this part of the process if you’re not comfortable sharing your own opinions yourself.

5. Get feedback on all aspects of production before release

An essential step in creating a commercial video is to test it on people who aren’t associated with your company and gather their thoughts and ideas about where improvements need to be made (if any). Ask these individuals what they think about the script, marketing messages, and graphics used and the audio quality and overall production value. Feedback helps you identify any areas of weakness that can be addressed, increasing your chances of success when the video is launched.

Conclusion: Get the best quality video content for your eCommerce store with these tips. The script, marketing messages, and graphics used in an engaging video can help you to establish a distinctive style that will be recognized by customers on social media when they see it come up in their feed. In addition, it’s important to get feedback from people who are not associated with your company before releasing your final product so that you’re able to identify any areas of weakness where improvements need to be made. Finally, this process should result in higher production values than what competitors have available, which helps build trust among potential buyers.

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