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11 Effective Hacks to Improve Conversions through your Website

Digital marketing has two major components. The first is to attract and bring people to your website and get them interested in what you have to offer. The second part is to convince these visitors to actually buy your products and services or to get registered with your mailing list.

Both components are equally important. However, many businesses just focus on the SEO part and do not pay as much attention to conversion. There are numerous stories of businesses and content producers with tens of thousands of daily visitors that went out of business because they were just not making enough money through conversions.

In this blog, we look at 11 effective hacks that help boost the conversion rate for your website.

Improve Your Website Design and UI

Rule number one of conversion is to make it easier for visitors to buy your products and service.

Your website should be easy to navigate and well designed. It must have clear links and instructions on how people can buy your offerings. You should also prompt your visitors to go to key pages that you want them to check out in order to get them interested.

Ensure Fast Page Loading Speed

There is a balance between page loading speed and beautiful design. Web users have come to expect lightning fast pages that open in less than 2 seconds. If your pages take longer to load, visitors will bounce back.

If you want to include intensive media like videos and lots of images, consider spreading them out on multiple pages to keep the loading times down for each page.

Add Popups to Your Website

Popups are annoying, but very few web marketers would deny their effectiveness in getting results. They can be a gentle reminder to nudge your visitors in the right direction, i.e. buying your products and services.

The average response rate for websites is less than 0.01 percent. Popups can take this up to 3 to 4 percent on average. An interesting popup that really intrigues your visitors can get you up to 8 or 9 percent conversion rate. That is a significant increase.

Write Compelling Product Reviews

Detailed product description writing, with plenty of pictures, is also effective for converting visitors into buyers. Online businesses need to highlight all the useful features and benefits of their products on specific pages. This helps drive customers towards sales.

You can also add comparisons between similar products offered on your website. For example, if you sell mobile devices from different brands, you can write useful articles comparing one model with another to generate buyer interest.

Include Reviews and Testimonials Section

Many people are reluctant to try a new product that has no reviews and feedback. When they see reviews and ratings for your services from other customers, they are more likely to trust and order from your business as well.

You should have a dedicated section on your website to highlight customer testimonials for social proof. You can also include a ratings system for your products and services to convince visitors that others have bought and tried your offerings.

Strengthen Your CTA

A Call To Action (CTA) is placed either at the top or near the end of your web copy and blogs etc. It gently reminds customers about their option to buy your products and services or to subscribe to your website/digital profile.

Research has shown that businesses that do not use CTAs experience a lower conversion rate despite producing great quality content.

A CTA takes several forms from a button to anchor text that links to the ordering page. Here is an example to add to your blogs.

Create Urgency

A great marketing trick to get sales is to create a sense of urgency for your clients. People become anxious when they hear about a limited time offer or limited stock that can run out soon. They are more likely to order such products and services instead of delaying purchase.

You can use this for online sales by adding a countdown timer on your landing page that helps you close more deals.

Optimize Your Website for Mobile

An increasing number of web users access the internet through mobile devices. So you need to create a website that adjusts and scales to different screen sizes correctly.

Your website should also be cross-platform compatible so that people using iOS to Android and Windows phones can access and browse it without trouble.

Design an Easy Checkout Process

Web users expect their online shopping experience to be easy, smooth and free from complications. If your checkout process does not meet their expectations, your conversion rate will take a hit.

You can do several things to make the process easier. Add a checkout button at the top that is visible on all pages and even while scrolling through product pages. Make the customer information secure to prevent hacking and credit card theft.

The bottom line is, do not make your customers go through a lot of forms and pages to make a simple purchase.

Keep an Eye on Abandoned Carts

If your platform is getting an exceptionally high number of abandoned carts, it may indicate an issue with the checkout or payment procedure.

Research shows that more than one-third or 35 percent abandoned carts are potentially recoverable through a combination of improvements in the checkout process, site optimization, and better quality product description writing.

Offer A Generous Return Policy

A buyer-friendly return policy shows that you are confident about your products and services. While many online stores do not offer a return policy, those that do report a better conversion rate compared to the online stores that do not.

In general, a 7-day return for unused, unopened products is considered acceptable. Depending on the product, some businesses extend it to 14-days. A generous, customer-friendly policy can do wonders for your conversion rate.

You should clearly display your return and guarantee policies on your sales page and also put a mandatory check that your customers have read the policies. This can help save a lot of headache for your business later.

Final Word

It takes time and practice to find the right hacks for conversion rate optimization. In this blog, we covered many effective tips that have helped businesses increase their customers and sales.

We hope this guide can be useful and help you improve your digital marketing effort.

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