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11 Effective Hacks to Improve Conversions through your Website

Digital marketing has two major components. The first is to attract and bring people to your website and get them interested in what you have to offer. The second part is to convince these visitors to actually buy your products and services or to get registered with your mailing list.

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Advice for Software Developers in Interviews

A job interview may be a stressful event for so many individuals. Besides the worry of not knowing not whether you will be hired, there really are additional questions to consider both during the interviews, such as what to dress, where to prepare, how much money to ask, and so forth. There’s a few things you can learn to increase your chances of getting recruited, even if there are no hard and fast rules for a final negotiation.

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5 Free Marketing Analytics Tools to Check Out in 2021

Marketers today can easily track the results of digital campaigns with their favorite marketing analytics tools. At a glance, content pros can see a range of metrics like page views, time spent on a page, and conversion rates at the bottom of the user acquisition funnel.

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11 Essential Project Management Skills for Every Business Leader

Whether you are administering the development of a mobile app, designing a website, or just handling any other project as a lead, you’ll have to follow the different phases of project management: planning, strategizing, developing, testing, iterating, implementing, and closing. With deadlines, budgets, resources, and scopes, project managers are expected not to assume as it only leads to inaccuracy. Project management skills are life skills. Few are acquired, few are developed, enhanced, and few are formally strengthened through various project management tools that help to attune your project management process.

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5 Dos & Don’ts Of Digital Marketing in 2021

It’s 2021, the world has evolved completely, and most of the businesses have turned into digital platforms all around the globe. As a result, the ways of business marketing and operations have changed entirely, leaving the old practices behind! Today, we know the modern ways of marketing, typically referred to as digital marketing.

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4 Proven Benefits of Using AI in Data Analysis in Business

The world as we know and see is being completely revolutionized by our current technological era, giving birth to advances like AI (Artificial Intelligence) that’s evolving businesses.

In fact, according to a report from SEM Rush, AI is projected to significantly enhance business value and worker capabilities. “In 2021 alone, the increased usage of AI across businesses is estimated to create over $2 trillion in business value and over 6 billion hours in worker productivity.”

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