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What are the Impacts of Artificial Intelligence on Streaming?

Web 2.0 has fostered the emergence of new communication and collaboration tools for its users. Among these innovations, streaming cannot be ignored in that it has taken advantage of technological advances in the field of networks: because of the democratization of broadband in homes and soon the deployment of 5G, almost everyone is now likely to be able to access very high speed streams.

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How Can Cloud-based Tools Transform Your Business?

The usual expectations and realities in business processes shifted in the past year. The recent pandemic affected almost every aspect of management operation. Depending solely on the storefront for income is practically gone, especially for those with a brick-and-mortar store. Physical restrictions and total lockdowns made it impossible for employees always to have the opportunity to be in your office to ask a question or request a meeting with the sales team. Fortunately, cloud-based tools are now accessible to help any business thrive amidst challenges.

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7 Examples of Practical Industrial IoT (IIOT) for Everyday Use

IIoT, or the Industrial Internet of Things, generally refers to sensors, instruments, and other devices interconnected and networked in an industrial environment. This connectivity enables remote access and monitoring, but more importantly, it enables data collection, data exchange and analysis, as well as analysis of different data sources. This has enormous potential for improving productivity and efficiency. IIoT solutions are characterized by their low cost and rapid implementation.

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