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How Is Clubhouse Providing New Social Media Marketing Opportunities?

It’s been a while since marketers realized the enormous potential of social media. New platforms tend to offer many business opportunities for first-time users. For starters, it’s much easier to gather followers on a less busy online platform. Clubhouse is a social media network based on an invitation-only system.

Last February, it was downloaded by more than 9 million people. With users increasing by the day, the future of Clubhouse looks bright, according to our specialist in digital media, Alex Lysak, who keeps up with the latest trends.

How Does It Work?

The app was launched in 2021. It was initially exclusive to iOS, but a beta version for Android has been available since last March. Like the good old Orkut, users need an invitation to enter the club. But what is Clubhouse social media?

Instagram has pictures, TikTok has videos, and Clubhouse is based on audio conversations. In its rooms and events, users can chat via audio, host and engage in discussions, and more. For listeners, it feels very much like a podcast but way more interactive. Continue reading for the main features of this platform.


Rooms are the core feature of this app, and it’s where users interact. They’re divided by fields of interest and into three levels of privacy. Those levels are the open rooms, social rooms, and closed rooms. Anyone can join the open rooms, while social rooms are for the moderator’s followers.

Closed rooms are invitation-only. Each room is divided into three parts: the stage, “followed by the speakers,” and “others in the room.” Users can have their say by clicking on the “raise hand” button.


You can always get in an open room and start a spontaneous conversation. There’s also the option of setting a date and time for a meeting so that people can plan ahead of the discussion.


Clubs organize people by shared interests. They work as communities where people discuss varied topics about specific themes. Users must have hosted at least three rooms before being allowed to create a club. Like the rooms, those clubs also have the same levels of privacy. Search for cool Clubhouse names social clubs to attract more attention.

New Opportunities

Clubhouse marketing” is a hot topic for social media marketers these days. This new platform has shown impressive numbers within less than a year of existence. Since Elon Musk and Bill Gates have joined some rooms, the number of active users has skyrocketed.

All conversations are live and can’t be recorded. So, if users don’t stay tuned, they’ll miss a lot. This feature encourages them to remain online. That’s perhaps the foremost marketing opportunity Clubhouse offers.

A trending conversation is a great moment to get the word out while thousands of ears are available to you. You can also create a room to share your expertise. It can bring real business opportunities offline, connecting you with new clients.


Recently, the company created Clubhouse Payment. This section deals with the monetization of profiles. New ways of online social interaction mean new markets ready to be explored. Clubhouse is perfect for self-promotion, affiliate marketing, or advertising a new brand.

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