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How to Promote WooCommerce products with Instagram

At any point can’t help thinking about why so numerous eCommerce stores are utilizing Instagram feeds throughout their websites? It’s everything down to the power of social proof. Social proof is a wonder where individuals are affected by the actions, or purchases for this situation, of others. Perhaps the best sorts of social proof are that originating from users. Client social proof is the point at which your existing customers suggest your product or services by posting pictures on social media. There’s nothing similar to word of mouth or visual testimonials to persuade your likely customers of your products or services. Exploit free client-generated content and show it on your website to build your WooCommerce conversions.

Promote Your WooCommerce Products Using Your Customer’s Instagram Posts

First of all, you need to begin with a strong Instagram account. Upload pictures of your products, add Instagram stories and generate a following. Ace tip: Use a Business account to gain admittance to Instagram stats and insights. Then, dispatch an Instagram campaign. An Instagram campaign should be possible utilizing a devoted hashtag (otherwise known as hashtag campaigns) to generate buzz and premium in your product or administration. Then again, you can request that customers label your account. When your customers’ posts begin pouring in, it’s an ideal opportunity to show them on your website!

Instructions to Display Instagram Feeds on Your WooCommerce Website

In October 2020, Facebook’s API had a major change. This change presently keeps WordPress users from showing Instagram content within their posts utilizing the default oEmbed or Embed blocks highlight. This implies that on the off chance that you need to show your Instagram feeds on your WooCommerce website, you need to utilize an Instagram feed plugin. Even though there are a lot of Instagram feed plugins, Spotlight PRO is one of the most effortless to utilize (particularly in case you’re not an enthusiastic coder). It accompanies a live interactive preview directly in your WordPress dashboard, and can likewise integrate flawlessly with Elementor.

We’ll likewise be taking a gander at a couple of other plugins which can help your Instagram marketing campaign on your WordPress website throughout this guide.

Instructions to connect your account and show hashtag or tagged feeds

When you introduce and actuate Spotlight PRO, connect your Instagram account. Tap on “Connect your Business account” and in only a couple of seconds, your Instagram feed will show up in the Spotlight interface. In case you’re utilizing Elementor, move to the Elementor editor once your accounts have been connected. Drag and drop the Spotlight Instagram feed widget into your ideal location and follow the remainder of the tutorial within the actual editor. The widget will give you an interactive preview of your feed, very much like the default Spotlight interface.

To import tagged feeds, go to the Connect tab and select your account under the section “Show posts where these accounts are tagged”. To import hashtag feeds, type in your hashtag under the section “Show posts with these hashtags”. At last, deselect your account under the section “Show posts from these accounts”. Your feed will be immediately populated with your customers’ posts.

Step by step instructions to design your feed

Go to the Design tab. To start with, pick your ideal layout. Then, go through the many design alternatives that Spotlight gives and change your settings accordingly.

You can:

  • Pick your feed foundation color,
  • Select the number of posts to be shown,
  • Increment or reduction columns,
  • Change the spacing between posts,
  • Add drift over impacts,
  • Choose a header, or leave it out totally,
  • Show Instagram stories,
  • Add a popup box,
  • and some more.

Make sure to change your feed for versatile and tablet gadgets by choosing the icons at the top right-hand corner. Even though Spotlight is fully responsive right out of the box, it gives you much more power over the appearance of your feed on every gadget. For instance, you can undoubtedly supersede the default settings and teach the plugin to show 5 columns on a desktop, 2 on a tablet, and 1 on cell phones. At the point when you’re content with the vibe of your feed, hit the save button.

The most effective method to filter your feed

To filter your feed and eliminate those undesirable posts, go to the Filter tab. Here you can filter out posts by hashtag or by a caption. Then again, you can likewise filter your feed by going to the Moderate tab. Here you can physically choose the posts you need to show or forget about. This cycle ought to be straightforward. You can likewise utilize the arrow keys on your keyboard to explore through the many imported posts and select the ones you need by squeezing Enter.

Instructions to promote your WooCommerce products

The last advance is to link your Instagram feed posts to your WooCommerce products. To do as such, go to the Promote tab. Essentially select a post and pick “Product” from the drop-down menu. When you begin composing in a product name, Spotlight will recover your WooCommerce products consequently. Select the product and then pick between linking to the product straightforwardly or have the post open up in a popup box. A popup box is an extraordinary method to include your clients. With hashtag posts, the hashtag and caption will be shown, while with tagged posts, their username will likewise be shown! To add to this, you can likewise add your ideal “link text” (for instance, “Buy this watch”) which takes you to your predetermined product. Save your feed and you’re finished!

In this post, we’ve perceived how you can utilize Instagram feed plugins to enact high-performing visual content at scale. By utilizing Instagram feeds throughout your WooCommerce store, you will upgrade the buyer venture for your customers and increment conversions. With this guide, you’ll positively have the option to begin advancing your WooCommerce products on Instagram instantly!

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