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Top 10 Internet of Things (IoT) Trends that Will Rule in 2021

Technology is constantly evolving and advancing in modern times. Every now and then, we witness wondrous and revolutionary technologies. These technologies have been changing the ways of the world and human lifestyles. Amongst many other tech trends, IoT is one of the most mentionable ones.

IoT has emerged to be one of those areas of technology that has remained under the spotlight over the past few years. It is one of those tech trends that has huge scope in the future and is likely to transform the field of business in a considerable manner. In fact, studies suggest that the IoT market is estimated to generate a revenue worth 21 billion by the year 2021. IoT development companies will flourish more in the days to come with new innovations and cutting-edge technologies.

Top 10 IoT Trends to Watch Out for in 2021

It is estimated that by 2025, there will be more than 64 billion Internet of Things devices worldwide. Let us now take a look at the top 10 IoT trends that will be significant in 2021.

App Development

App development is something that is constantly growing and evolving. Businesses and developers have found IoT to be extremely helpful in the field. Implementation of IoT in mobile app development, can simplify the entire development process and make it much easier.

Smart Cities

Another excellent, and perhaps one of the most innovative IoT trends is the use of it in building smart cities. In the USA, IoT is being used to build smart cities through the connection of traffic lights, parking meters, and utilities. The technology will be further improved to develop smarter and more effective projects.


IoT sensors and IoT has been used in the field of manufacturing for preventative maintenance and to detect any kind of underlying machinery issues. Wearable tools and IoT are being used by managers to identify factory conditions.

Workforce Management

Better performance management solutions and employee safety monitoring has been enabled by IoT and it is likely to rule the industry in 2021. With the help of devices like beacons, safety and productivity can be taken care of in a more enhanced manner.


One of the most common and popular areas of IoT usage is the blockchain. Homogeneous and centralized computer models are being integrated into small services and tasks. IoT is advancing and reaching the areas of government, finance, health, etc. Blockchain is nothing but a proof of how much we rely on digital assets. And due to this, the security aspect needs to be at a constant rise.

Customer Services

This is another key area where businesses are using IoT. The presence of IoT enables businesses to offer better services based on accurate and real-time data to the customers. This aspect works in line with machine learning to trace consumers’ behavioural pattern and mould services according to that aspect.


The healthcare industry is one of those industries which will reap huge benefits from the IoT trends and technologies. The industry is already adopting wearable devices and sensors, tracking, and indoor navigation technology for better facilities for patients. All of these together can help improve the condition of the health industry. And not only is the IoT in healthcare restricted to the private sector hospitals, even state run health care centers are also expected to adopt this technology in 2021.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning and IoT have always been closely related and are likely to be one of the key trends in 2021. This development is always being used in multiple MNCs with respect to their customer service department. However, with this ongoing year, the emphasis on digital growth will push such large-scale companies to focus on machine learning with AI for their UX department.

Data Analytics

IoT’s biggest contribution in the field of data analytics is the fact that it processes better quality data. This enables users to access and utilize more accurate information. And needless to say, the presence of IoT is a great enticement towards offering an even better customer satisfaction with proper data analysis and behavioural pattern.

Big Data

Business decision-making is going to massively improve with the help of IoT and Big Data when they are used in combination. Big data is like the constant feed for IT companies around the world to improve on their offerings, products and services, while ensuring a great user experience for both their present as well as prospective customers.

Final Words

All that being said, IoT is being used in a variety of other ways, sectors, and industries and the technology has proved to be highly beneficial in every sector. In 2021, amongst many other technological trends, IoT trends will remain one of the most noticeable and significant ones. And this trend will drive the growth of the IT sectors with other aspects of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analysis growing as well.

Harikrishna Kundariya

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