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Best Practices for Secure Mobile App Development

Mobile application security isn’t a benefit or a feature, it is a bare necessity. As one breach in the application could cost the business, not just thousands of dollars but a lifetime of trust from the customers. This is the main reason behind having high-level security in your app from the time it is being developed. Therefore, mobile app development companies should follow a specific process by keeping security a priority from the time they start writing the first line of code. Besides this, while the mobile app developers are busy creating the most innovative, intuitive, and exciting application, they should keep in mind that at which stage a hacker can break-in the system or which feature can be vulnerable.

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Negative Effects of Technology on Parenting

Technology has changed how our children learn, get engaged, interact and carry on with others in society. The more youthful children commit the vast majority of their hours to their mobile phones, computers, and digital technologies that adversely affect their lives. Internet technology, social media, and online gaming are driving the new age insane making them dependent and presented to predators, scammers, menaces, and explicit stuff.

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4 Ways Businesses Can Use Mobile App Insights to Personalize Sales and Marketing

When it comes to personalizing sales and marketing initiatives, mobile app insights are amazing pools of data that businesses should use as often as possible.

In this post, we will talk about 4 different ways that businesses can leverage their mobile app analytics to improve their sales and marketing.

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7 Free YouTube Intro Maker Apps for Android and iPhone in 2021

YouTube has seen significant growth in the last decade both in terms of content creators and viewers. If you are looking to start creating content for your YouTube channel or you have just started, you should know it is not as easy as it looks. Whatever you are planning to create, there are hundreds of existing videos on the same topic. Thus, in order to stand out and grab the attention of your viewers, it is necessary that you create top-notch content for your viewers.

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Growing Usage of Digital Technology to Intensify Demand for Marketing Analytics

Marketing analytics helps marketers to gauge the success of their marketing activities through various processes and technologies. This is made possible by measuring the performance of a particular marketing initiative. For instance, is blogging more effective for a particular company, or is it engagement through social media or via channel communications that can ensure the best results? Marketing analytics apprise the marketers about the performance of the marketing programs they are implementing.

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