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Tips to Kick Start Lead Generation to Grow Your Agency

So, you are a business owner. Must have a lot of business goals in your mind right? No matter what kind of business you do and whatever goals you want to reach, there is one common goal that sums up all of every business’s goal into one single term- Lead Generation. 

One can better relate to this term if they run a B2B design-based business, for example, a digital marketing agency or a consultancy firm. Lead generation is right at the very core of sales and marketing. The whole concept of marketing revolves around lead generation and give results in the form of sales. 

A lead is a potential customer that in the future can turn into a buyer and sometimes, can also play the role of a brand ambassador for your agency. Lead generation is a vast topic and there are countless and even unimaginably uniques ways for it. 

But, there are a few basics that need to be done right to set the perfect pitch to play. Read on to explore some of the basic tips to kick start lead generating to grow your agency.

Current Website Audit

In the digital age, your business website is the face of your business. A website audit is a process of making this face presentable and attractive. The idea is to discover any problems or shortcomings that may hinder your website’s performance. Remember, the experience that you provide to a visitor through your website can generate serious results considering your lead generation goals. Check for broken links, missing features like a chatbot, call to action, product description, meta descriptions, etc, and discuss your concerns with your developers.

Authentic and quality content

If the website is the face then the content is its attractive features. Good quality content of any form acts as the makeup for this face and makes it attractive for the buyer. An engaging and powerful content strategy sets the perfect lead-generating field for your agency. Quality content can be delivered in many forms like infographics, blogs, videos, e-books, and so on. The world is hungry for content and the quality you provide acts as the pillar that binds your customers with your business and makes them want to keep visiting your sites.

Go vocal, go Social

Social media is where everyone is. A business should effectively use social media handles as the voice for their brand. Social media platforms equip a business with all the right tools to engage the audience at a much deeper and emotional level. The reach and power of social media are so massive that even if a visitor may never become a buyer, but still would promote your business just with a simple like and share just because they like your idea and content. Many businesses have seen success just by mastering their social media strategies and the results are tremendous. A single post can make you go viral and land you the deals of your dreams.

An analysis is a key

Analyzing is the key to growth and betterment. You will never know how good you are unless you analyze. Your content strategy, your website, your social media posts, and even your products that you offer through your agency or business- nothing could be bettered if you don’t practice the rule of constant analyzing in whatever you do. The practice of analyzing arms you with the most effective tool for growth. You get to know your business better, you understand your customers better, and finally, you can sell better. A key point to pay attention to here is that many businesses that start extremely well, fail after some time because they didn’t research and analyze themselves.

Nurture Existing Leads:

When a lead is part of your lead management solution or email list, to ensure that they pass through the sales funnel when the time is right or to promote another transaction, it is important to constantly cultivate them. It’s important to maintain their interest in becoming part of your email list. It’s time to work to develop this lead into a long-term partnership with your company that includes both trust and loyalty.

It could take anywhere from a month to more than 12 months to turn them into a client, if not longer, for the whole process of cultivating a lead. Take your time via email to develop the partnership over the phone and concentrate on when the customer is ready to take the next move with your business.


As mentioned earlier, there are tremendous ways for lead generation. The gates are open and resources are available to use for everyone. The catch is to set the base right and then use the resources to their full potential. If you have what the buyer needs, and you can flex your capabilities at the right places and with the right resources, the leads will find you.

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