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6 YouTube Aspects You Can Use It To Boost Your Video Views

Hello, Are you a new YouTuber on this platform? Do you want to get more views on YouTube? And do you have no idea about that? No worries; In this guide, help to improve your views. 

Let’s start!

YouTube is the second largest website in the world. It has 2 billion active users every month. In the US, 73% of adults watch videos there. Over 1 billion hours of video are watched per day. 62% of marketers use YouTube as a channel to post video content. YouTube is a powerful business platform that can help boost your sales, and you have got more YouTube likes.

1. Create Effective content:

Every YouTuber must make different content because the audience expects something new! Thus, your content must be unique and effective. You will create compelling content that will get more views on YouTube. 

First, you should understand what your customer wants to know, and you have to create a video to meet their requirements. In this way, you have to get more views for your videos, and you become very popular on this platform. 

2. Encourage Your Audience to Subscribe:

The ultimate goal for every YouTuber is to earn more followers on your channel. How to get the followers is the maximum questions for all YouTuber? Do you think it is an easy job? 

The answer is, it’s not much easy or not too harsh. You will follow some tips to enhance your channel. The simplest way to gain more views on YouTube is to encourage your present audience to subscribe to your channel because getting subscribers would increase the number of views for your new video when you have uploaded it. 

The perfect way to ask your audience who are all watching your video “Subscribe my channel.” 

And you will explain to them why they will follow your channel. 

Subscribe YouTube Channel

But don’t ask your audience to subscribe to your YouTube channel. Ensure that you also instantaneously turn on the notification bell after they have clicked ‘Subscribe.’

Click on the Notification Bell

You have to ask your audience to subscribe to our channel and click the bell icon. The icon denotes the audience when you upload a new video on your channel. Increasing your subscribers is more important for getting more YouTube views on your videos. 

3. Make a Playlist on your YouTube Channel

According to the stats, 25% of top YouTube brands are creating a playlist instead of promoting. 

Importance of Playlist:

Why did playlists work so pretty well? It’s an auto-play method; it takes an effort to get the attention away from videos you enjoy when they keep playing. In fact, there is a cognitive bias also at work called loss aversion. (loss aversion means that pain of losing twice compared than gain something equal)

The question is, “Do you need to watch a new video enough to click play?” Now, the question is, “Do you need to hold watching enough to click away?”.

The answer is, it’s precise but powerful, and if your video content is perfect, the audience will frequently keep watching. Also, playlists can improve your search rankings, and the playlist titles are one kind of opportunity to use the target keywords.

The simplest way to make a YouTube playlist is to add a video and click the ‘+’ icon bottom of the video.

4. Add Watermark to Your Videos

Watermark offers to get more subscribers because while watching a video, the watermark remembered to subscribe to your channel. If you want to increase your follower’s count, then highlight the watermark. Basically, a watermark is an image that you can set on your YouTube videos. 

Again, you want to confirm your account on YouTube and you can verify a watermark. It’s value it to select which videos appear watermarks and which don’t — they either appear on all of your videos. 

Add watermark videos to promote your branding and quickly identify the audience. It is a simple tool to enhance your brand on your channel.

5. Promote Your Channels on Social Media

If you have more followers on other social channels, then you have to promote your videos. It is a perfect way to do this with a short teaser of your video. There are many media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. You can create a channel on every site and add the video clips on these websites. 

Also, you can add the CTA options in all the social media. Add your youtube link on the bottom of the profile, which helps redirect the audience to your website. 

YouTube is not a standalone social channel, so ensure your videos cross-promote through your other marketing channels.

6. Optimize Your YouTube Channel

Optimizing your YouTube channel is important to nourishing your brand and enhancing your YouTube views. And YouTube offers several ways to optimize your channel.

Optimize Your Channel Title

A YouTube title is essential to grasp the audience easily. You should add the keywords in your title to boost your rank in SERP pages. The title must be 55-60 characters strong and descriptive.

Optimize Your Description 

It is a good opportunity to describe your YouTube channel. It helps to explain content to the audience and the benefits of your products. A description should be 500 characters and add 2-3 keywords in the section. 

Customized Thumbnail

Thumbnail is a preview image for your content, and the audience easily understands it. The small image is essential if you need to earn more YouTube views. When you upload a video, you can select one of the auto-generated thumbnail images. But if you won’t, you can customize your thumbnail.

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