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Eyeing Digital Jobs as the World Shifts to E-Operations

Despite the success of some nations in flattening the curve of COVID-19 cases, there’s no arguing that the world is far from actually restoring the way things were before the global pandemic. What’s strongly apparent, however, is the ongoing shift to complete digitalization. Currently, this is a big issue to address even in highly industrialized nations.

For instance, online applications for financial support remain to be a frustrating process. Likewise, government agencies often experience website issues due to overwhelming traffic from netizens seeking factual information.

Because of the need to digitalize, practically every business industry requires web professionals, such as digital marketers, web developers, web designers, and others, leading to another shift. More and more people these days are eyeing web-based employment, given the increasing demand for digital expertise.

Therefore, if you are among the global recession’s professional casualties, one of the best strategies to get back into the employment scene is to learn and master digital skills.

Thankfully, the education sector is actually faring better in the shift to online operations. Highly relevant learning programs, such as the Adobe Indesign training course, digital video editing classes, animation, web development, and so much more, are available on the Internet.

Digital Jobs in Great Demand

When it comes to valuable digital jobs during these unusual times, the following makes the list of in-demand professions.

1. IT and Data Security Experts

Government organizations, e-commerce sites, and resource websites have reported a spike in malicious online activities since the imposed mobility restrictions across the globe.

With people carrying out a lot of their responsibilities online, phishing, identity theft, and other threatening activities have become more rampant. Thus, all businesses with an online presence require data security professionals to set up the best defenses against such threats.

2. Web Developers and Designers

Both long-established and start-up businesses are looking to improve their websites to improve user experience, now that more transactions have moved to the digital realm. Making sure that their official online entity is a breeze to use demands high quality web development and design services.

Web developers and designers are in demand to ensure that websites become high-performing touch points by being a breeze to navigate for users.

3. App Developers

Apart from well-designed websites, online retail stores or vendors are looking to create their own apps. This is not only to provide more convenience to clients or customers, but also to generate extra income since apps can be sold in digital stores as well. This is why app developers are also highly sought-after digital professionals.

Here’s the thing, though. Learning how to make apps is quite easy. So, for people who are looking for a new job during these economically troubled times, taking an app development course can be an excellent professional investment.

This is not only because of the demand for such a skill, but the know-how per se provides them something to sell that can generate income. The most creative minds create apps that offer unique solutions and market them to Google or Apple.

4. SEO Professionals

Given how businesses have begun moving their operations online, the digital market is more congested than ever. So it can be quite challenging to stay visible in search engines, even if you churn out announcements and content for marketing regularly. For this, search engine optimization or SEO professionals are deemed the solution providers.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, SEO is not just a competitive advantage in a world that’s moving increasingly toward digital operations — it is an absolute must.

SEO is one of the most reliable strategies in ensuring better visibility and reach in the vast and ferociously competitive digital realm. This is why it’s no surprise that the SEO community has maintained its relevance even during the height of the COVID-19 scare.

It’s essential to note, as well, that SEO allows businesses to collect valuable data, which can help them effectively target the specific requirements and inclinations of end-users. Thus, in terms of perpetual relevance in business, SEO professionals certainly fit the bill.

5. Software Developers

Software developers are valuable professionals as well, with various businesses transforming their operations to fit the extraordinary conditions of these times.

For example, in Thailand, it was reported that software developers have come to the rescue of transport companies, accommodations, and events planning groups. They have created programs to help enterprises provide new services that are more appropriate during these times.

One of the highly-lauded programs is used by a transport company that aids travelers in getting from the airport to their hotels. The program serves COVID-19 patients by providing them with a service vehicle and details of the closest hospital and quarantine facility to go to. The program ensures the hassle-free and safe transport of patients.

Meanwhile, in Japan, another tech company has developed software for startup businesses looking for commercial space partners to share their monthly rent and resources to stay afloat during these challenging times.

Indeed, creative software developers are solutions providers, and different businesses rely on them to weather the current economic storm.

Take a New Career Path

One of the keys to rising above the uncertainty of this era is to be open to new things.

No matter how young or old you are, welcome the possibility of taking a different career path. Thus, launch into new studies as fast as you can.

Develop new skills through personal learning or take courses appropriate for these extraordinary times.

It’s immensely important to be proactive now to stay economically afloat. If one thing is no longer working, try something else and keep pushing forward.

And when the economy starts improving and things are easing back to normal, you will find yourself in an ideal position to pursue whatever you believe will be good for you — be it your old profession or an entirely new one.

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