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Best 8 Webinar Software Tools: 2020 Edition

Webinars are an incredible method to show your crowd, sell items and benefits, and give extra importance to your audience especially during this Pandemic period.

There are wide options for evaluating, capacity, and functions among the numerous webinar applications out there, so I’m going to feature the absolute best function and advantages of each.

You’ll discover some are more centered around selling, while others are more centered around education, preparation, and communication.

Here are the top 8 webinar platforms that may help you.

Google + Hangouts

Google+ Hangouts isn’t one of the premium online video conferencing platforms yet it accompanies some extraordinary features for meetings and classes.

One of the extraordinary features of Google+ Hangouts is that you can make a call with up to 10 individuals without a moment’s decent delay, and on the off chance that you are a G suite member, you can have up to 25 individuals in such calls.

Other than these highlights, it additionally permits different meetings with meeting platforms based on SIP and H.323 norms, for example, Polycom and Cisco can also join a gathering here.


  1. It permits live streams directly to your connected Website or even on your YouTube Channel.
  2. We can record and post Hangouts to YouTube.
  3. It almost works on every device.
  4. Screen sharing is likewise conceivable.


One of the most noteworthy appraised online webinars, Skype is a well-known application for video conferencing, workshopping, presentation based activities, and so on with an active user base of 40 million every month.

It allows its users to make free Skype to Skype free calls, sharing of contacts and documents. It additionally permits its clients to use other applications to expand its usefulness, which is an incredible advantage.


  1. Free Skype to Skype calls as referenced previously.
  2. Conference Video calls accessible.
  3. File sharing.
  4. Group screen sharing alternative.
  5. Works with outsider applications for different functionalities.

Click Meeting

Click Meeting can be a very good quality answer for the clients who are hoping to team up distantly for events and webinars.

Key highlights include screen sharing, moderation tools, API, and so on. It likewise permits clients to see detailed analytics and details of the participants of the webinar.

Pricing begins at $25 every month with up to 25 participants.


  1. Global Web conferencing.
  2. Webinar Rebranding.
  3. Social Sharing.
  4. User Ratings.
  5. Integration of numerous administrations.

Cisco WebEx

Cisco WebEx is one of the webinars which give a bundled bunch of better quality choices for the individuals who scale well, yet not for those with a strict financial plan, for the most part, intended for professional webinars arranging and producing and top-notch video and sound calls.

By and large, you’ll get a ton of incredible features for what you pay for.

Pricing begins at $19 every month for 8 individuals and $39.99 every month for up to 200 individuals.


  1. Branded Registration and welcomes.
  2. Registration Tracking.
  3. Load age apparatuses.
  4. Display 5 specialists one after another + slides and information.
  5. Polls accessible.

Adobe Connect

Adobe is primarily well-known for its Creative Suite of items. Be that as it may, they additionally enable associations to put on noteworthy webinars and occasions through their another application, Adobe Connect.

Complete portable coordinated effort. Rich sight and sound choices, HD audio and video calls, and so forth includes makes it feature-packed for important webinars.

Pricing begins at $50 every month per have with up to 25 participants.


  1. Video Conferencing combination.
  2. Real-time coordinated effort with presenters.
  3. Breakout rooms to the focused conversation.
  4. Broad arrangement of coordinated effort capacities.
  5. Streaming video mix.
  6. Recording and Archiving.

Mega Meeting

Super Meeting is implied for web-based webinars, item workshops, item showings, and conferencing with full security. It’s 100% program based and portably prepared to make cooperation simple with applications available for iOS and Android users.

What’s more, they give chatting, sharing documents, (for example, Docs, PowerPoint records, sites), numerous meeting rooms, and so on.

Pricing begins at $39 every month.


  1. Works over numerous stages.
  2. Screen sharing.
  3. Polls and Surveys.
  4. PayPal Integration.

Ready Talk

An element pressed stage for everything beginning from web conferencing to audio conferencing, video conferencing, webinars and occasions, and so on.

Costing starts at $24 every month with up to 10 participants.


  1. “Add to Calendar” invite links.
  2. Customized registration forms.
  3. One-Click recording.
  4. Chat/QA meetings.
  5. Sharing choices.


Any-Meeting is predominantly planned for giving strong web-conferencing solutions for clients with small businesses.

It additionally permits its clients to introduce PowerPoint slides, making a customized gathering URL, sharing their screen, etc.

The cost is free for 4 participants or $18 a month for up to 10 participants.


  1. Hold large and small meetings.
  2. 6-way video conferencing.
  3. Audience Interaction and responses.
  4. Phone support.
  5. Play YouTube Videos.
  6. Built-in conferencing calling.



This particular webinar-based platform is endeavor grade. That implies it’s intended to scale significantly.

Pricing begins at $49 per 300 participants with 10 webcams for the moderator or 4 pennies for every minute for a conference call.


  1. Cloud-based platform.
  2. Event Management.
  3. Live sound and video web-based.
  4. Live and on-request webinars.
  5. Screen sharing.
  6. File sharing.
  7. Participants rundown and rights the executives.
  8. Recording and documenting.
  9. Real-time surveying.
  10. 128-bit start to finish encoded streams.


GoToWebinar is a service for the most part intended for video-conferencing based activities. It was structured by LogMeIn and delivered in 2004.

The cost begins at $89 every month per coordinator with up to 100 participants.


  1. Full assistance participant enrollment.
  2. HD Video Recording.
  3. Archived Recordings.
  4. Polls and Surveys.

In a Nutshell

This CoronaVirus Pandemic is getting worse day by day and the most affected people are the ones with small businesses and coaching groups.

Webinars are great solutions for them to stay connected with their team, colleagues, students especially during this pandemic to help their business to grow, rather than sitting in one corner waiting for the situation to get well.

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