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The Top 7 UX Trends That Can Improve Any Website

Considering that we live in a digital era and almost every information can be found on the internet, businesses need to be on the internet as well. That might’ve been the only requirement back in the day, but now it’s simply not enough.

Everyone can have a website nowadays, but not every website can provide the experience that users expect. In other words, user experience (UX) can either make or break a website.

What’s more, UX optimization is reported to increase revenue by 37%, which proves it’s worth the time and money invested in it. Fortunately, the new UX trends are already pointing to everything that should be done to improve the website’s UX.

In this article, you can find out more about the most popular UX trends and how they can improve a website.

1.   Design and Data Integration

In recent years, designers and developers have started to collaborate more, which was rarely seen before. This has resulted in seamless web design and data integration that have significantly improved the UX.

By sharing knowledge, skills, and ideas, these two teams that previously worked separately are now joining forces to take websites’ UX to a whole new level.

2.   An Increase in Demand for UX Professionals

Another important trend that has the power to improve the overall website’s UX is a very obvious one—an increase in demand for UX experts.

Today, huge international companies are starting to see the value of UX specialists. Startups and medium-sized companies have also realized how important the website’s UX is.

3.   Significant Improvement of AI and Computational Design

To achieve an exceptional UX, it’s a must to utilize AI and computational design. AI and computational design didn’t meet our needs in the past, but that’s starting to change.

With continuous improvement in AI and computational design, UX is becoming significantly better, thus ultimately improving the overall website.

4.   Eye-Catching Headings

Many people are not aware of how powerful headings can be. They need to contain the right keywords, but they should also be well-designed. The number one reason why headings are so important for the UX of the website is that they make it easier to scan the content and find specific information.

Heading can also help a website rank better because search engines usually pay more attention to headings than any other content.

5.   Color Harmony 

There’s a whole philosophy behind colors. Therefore, it’s the same when it comes to the website’s UX. However, colors are even more powerful when they go together and, luckily, this is becoming an increasingly popular trend in UX web design.

The reason why colors can improve a website is that color harmony generally induces optimism—something that everyone would like to experience.

6.   Inclusive Design Is Becoming More Popular

While design, in general, is super important, what can truly take the website’s UX to a whole new level is inclusive design. One might say that one of the things that have played a key role in the UX from the very beginning is precisely inclusive design. It focuses on users with specific needs that are often overlooked.

Hence, this could make the website accessible to all users. Additionally, it could also set it apart from the competition, as most of them still overlook the importance of this aspect of UX.

7.   Websites That Adapt to User Behaviour

Although all website visitors are equally important, it’s a fact that not everyone behaves the same. Some people landed on the website while browsing the web, some are reviewing a product or service, while others already know what they want.

To satisfy their needs, UX allows the website to adapt to user behavior so that each user has a custom experience. This could even be considered as one of the fundamentals of UX.

Final Thoughts

Despite the fact that UX is a relatively new concept, it’s constantly evolving. The new UX trends are encouraging companies to strive to give the best to their users. This is not only beneficial for users, but also for the companies as it increases revenue significantly. UX makes companies stand out from the crowd and brings them brand equity and credibility.

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