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How to Create Content That Brings Value to Your Business

The number one goal for all content marketing strategies is to improve brand image and product awareness. As a business, you should aim to highlight all the good things that you have to offer clients and what makes your business unique.

If you are good at writing and crafting marketing material, you can do it on your own. However, most businesses use professional web copywriting services. Experienced copywriters can create amazing content that is more likely to attract customers and sell products for you.

In this blog, we look at some strategies used by professionals for content creation that can add value to your business.

What is Value Addition in Content Marketing?

Many people and businesses believe that the purpose of marketing content is to sell products. That is not entirely true.

Most of the marketing content is used to attract an audience, grab attention, build relations, and create a memorable impression on customers. More than 90 percent of your content will be used to inform, educate, and entertain your potential clients.

You will be making comparisons between your brand and others or telling clients about specific features that are only available on your products. Some of your marketing content will involve training customers on how to get the most benefit from your services.

The goal is to make your audience think about your specific products and services the next time they want to buy something similar to what you have to offer.

Ways to Add Value to Your Content

There are dozens of ways to add value to your marketing content and make it more than just a selling campaign. Here are four effective ways that have proven to work for most businesses.

1. Build a Relationship with Customers

This involves showing your customers that you care through personal content written specifically for clients. It is quite easy to achieve and doesn’t require a lot of money or effort.

You may have seen many businesses wish their audience happy holidays or send out birthday wishes through emails or social media accounts etc. This approach is particularly common in B2B companies and professional firms that have few clients with large purchase volumes.

Doctor’s offices, legal practices and accounting firms also wish their clients well or congratulate them on anniversaries and great business performance.

The main objective for this type of content is not to sell but to improve the relationship with clients and make them feel good.

2. Inform Clients about Your Offering through Detailed Product Description Copywriting

This type of content is used to inform clients about what is available in the market and what you have to offer. For example, suppose you sell robotic lawn mowers and home cleaners. These types of machines are still relatively new. A lot of your potential customers may have never used them or even seen an automatic robotic lawn mower.

The goal of your product description writing for these products would be to show customers how it makes their lives easier and how safe it is to use. You would also need to provide instructions on set up, storage and charging for the devices.

Similarly, if you are selling a home fitness trainer, most of your content would be focused on how to use the machine effectively. You may need to write on training routines that help your customers achieve their fitness goals.

3. Entertain Clients through Humorous Content

People enjoy entertaining content. Funny commercials and humorous web copywriting tend to stick longer with viewers and readers. It is no surprise that so many TV commercial companies produce humorous ads for selling products, many of which leave people talking about them for days.

You should consider adding a bit of humour to your website copywriting as well. Most people prefer to work with businesses and professionals that don’t take themselves too seriously.

There are many types of humorous writing styles from witty wordplay, self deprecating and observational humour to satire, parody, puns and jokes.

A word of caution here, some types of humour can be offensive and backfire when used with the wrong audience. Make sure to stick with safe humour or know your audience enough to pull off content that sits well with them.

4. Enhance Reader’s Knowledge through Facts

Information is the most valuable thing that you can give to your followers. When you publish content on your website that teaches and educates visitors on how to solve their problems, they are more likely to trust you and buy products and services that you have to offer.

The education approach can be used in all kinds of industries. For example, if you offer pest extermination services or sell chemical pesticides online, you can publish content related to the lifecycle, diet and living habits of common household insects, rodents etc. If you are an IT solutions provider, you can talk about the latest advances in digital technology that can be useful to businesses. If you sell food cooking products, you can share recipes on your website that make use of your ingredients.

Publishing content for your visitors’ benefits achieves two main goals. First, it brings you regular traffic on your website, which may convert into paying customers. Second, it helps establish your credibility as a knowledgeable person or business in the industry.


The golden rule of content marketing is that you give value to others before you get value in return. Most of your digital marketing strategy should be focused on building your brand reputation and improving client relations through good quality content.

Once you are established as an expert in your domain, more businesses and individuals would be willing to buy from you and follow your recommendations.

Dave Brown

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