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VPNs are Becoming Priceless Tools for Protection Today

The COVID-19 virus has taken over the globe, and it is here to stay. Global lockdowns and home quarantine have become the way of life, and people are confined indoors. Businesses are now turning to remote work solutions so that they can stay active and afloat in these challenging times. Businesses and people are now turning to VPNs when it comes to staying secure against the dark web and ISPs that are able to track personal data and sell them to third parties in the market without your knowledge.

Surge in VPNs due to COVID-19

It has been observed that during the Corona virus crisis, the usage of VPNs in the USA has surged intensely. The same also holds true for Italy and other nations in the world. In nations where social distancing has become mandatory, the use of VPNs has increased, largely making online user behavior safer irrespective of whether you are working from home or just spending an afternoon media streaming several hours of video content from your device.

The need for you to stay safe online

VPNs are also great from freelancers that are working from home. In the past, before the Corona outbreak, you might have been working at coffee bars and other places that had free Wi-Fi access. Though the offer of getting free Wi-Fi might have been tempting, it is not safe. In the past years, there have been various cyber threats that dwelled in these free hotspots for Wi-Fi. There often is a sniffer on the Wi-Fi that is a unique software that can be installed on a smartphone, laptop, or a computer to detect and track encrypted data. This means that your password and your user id were at risk to strangers. On top of this, there were attacks by middlemen where fake wireless networks were installed, and they posed as real-ones recording everything you did while you were connected on the public Wi-Fi.

Therefore, if you are a freelancer and are currently working from home, it is advised that you continue to do so in order to remain safe. However, make sure that you install a good VPN connection so that you are protected from the dark web, and your personal data is not at risk. When it comes to how to set up VPN networks in your system, it is quite simple. You just need to get hold of a good VPN network and follow the instructions to install it. In this way, you are able to keep potential cyber threats and hackers at bay.

Therefore, from the above, it is evident that using a VPN is an indispensable tool today when it comes to online browsing and remote work from home. One should install a good VPN so that online activities are protected, and personal data is safe. Small businesses that cannot afford full set-ups are also embracing the advantages of VPNs for their remote work solutions so that they are protected from hackers and stolen data breaches with success!

Pete Campbell

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