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5 Ways to Improve Business Performance with Salesforce

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics research, more than 20% of start-ups shut down during the first 2 years. What is the major reason that caused the failure of these businesses? Sometimes there is no one-and-only factor but a bunch of the reasons that might affect the situation: under-resourcing, bad location, rigidness of a business plan, and so on. However, the core of the problem is a failure in business performance.

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Top 5 Marketing Tips for Online Businesses in 2020

Every year new trends and technologies are evolving. As a result, consumer behaviour, interests need are also changing. More importantly, marketing strategies, tactics are also changing day by day. Now if you want to grow your online business then it is essential to pause and reflect your marketing strategies.

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Data Mining: How to Best Exploit the Potential of Data

Data plays a central role in e-commerce. In order to optimize the sales process, online stores strive to collect and analyze user data. Using analysis tools, figures and indicators can reveal the purchasing behavior of consumers, ranging from the products they place in their online shopping cart to the products viewed.

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