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Infographic: How Blockchains Will Transform Healthcare

Blockchain technology is amongst the most important trends for encryption and secure data storage in this new decade. Security without compromised accessibility is a key value add for any technology, with the emergence of stricter privacy legislations and data theft minimisation making blockchains a go-to means of transforming existing industry operating models. An additional benefit of blockchain is seen in professional environments with high volume data management where it enables multiple users without affecting data security. It’s no surprise then that Laura Shen reports, “Blockchain is one of the most important technologies to emerge in recent years, with many experts believing it will change our world in the next two decades as much as the internet has over the last five.” 

For the healthcare industry, managing exponential volumes of private clinical and personal patient information is a daily struggle. While confidentiality and patient trust are non-negotiables for practitioners and administrators, there are always nuanced challenges associated with the intricacies of data management as well as records needing transference between independent locations. In 2020, it has been argued that blockchain tech offers an unprecedented avenue for both individual and collective system streamlining that will benefit all health stakeholders. Not only do the structural features of blockchain combat many of the user issues with normal databases, it’s the unique aspects such as overcoming geographical distance without compromising security and unifying users to target population health that indicate how groundbreaking this tech will be in healthcare.

This infographic from Study Medicine Europe, ‘How Blockchains Will Transform Healthcare’, was shared to promote this new technological frontier for the healthcare industry. The graphic is an explainer on blockchains from the basics of the tech, the benefits, risks to consider and mitigation, as well as how this can improve record management on local and global levels. Including statistics and expert quotes, this can help you get started and keep learning about this technology with context-specific healthcare industry information.

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