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PPC and Email Marketing – How to 2X Your Sales with These Two Marketing Techniques

Generating leads and sales is all about using the right channels and smart marketing techniques. Digital marketers put their best efforts into PPC campaigns to get more traffic to your site. They invest their time, energy, and resources to come up with a strong email marketing strategy to nurture leads. But do you know you can generate more leads and boost your sales by integrating PPC into your email marketing campaigns?

Email marketing, if combined with PPC, can do wonders for your business and generate a killer ROI. Believe it or not, email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies that can strengthen your digital marketing efforts by generating more revenue. It has the potential to acquire more customers, create a relationship with them, and offer them personalized content.

Similarly, PPC is a smart way to reach your target audience and improve brand awareness. PPC ads have the potential to persuade people to click on ads by mentioning their familiar brand or offering a special offer. Creating a strategy that intelligently integrates email into PPC advertising will help you generate massive traffic, more conversions, and ROI.

Let’s discover how marketers can make the most of these two marketing tactics can do wonders for your business.

Use PPC to Come Up with Better Subject Lines

According to OptinMonster, more than 50% of people open an email by just reading a subject line. A catchy subject line persuades people to open and actually read your email. You can use PPC ads to come up with catchy subject lines, imagery, CTAs, and other important elements for your email campaigns.

All you need to do is to create two PPC ads using different email subject lines, CTA, and visuals. In one ad, add the element of urgency and fear to persuade people to click the offer, and in the second one, you can address their pain points.

Now let the campaigns run and wait for the results. A/B test helps you find out which campaigns performed better, and which ad copy will give you the incredible results. It is a low-risk strategy that gives you visible results without wasting your PPC budget. With this strategy, you will learn how to create your next email with an impressive subject line, CTAs, and visuals that will surely create maximum engagement.

Use Emails for Your Retargeting Campaigns

According to different surveys, more than 72% of shoppers abandon their shopping carts and leave the site before completing a purchase. But they can be brought back to your website by retargeting those visitors to complete their purchase. If your digital marketing strategy doesn’t include retargeting techniques, then you are missing out on a huge opportunity. With the retargeting technique, you can monitor your customers’ behavior and make changes in your advertising strategy to bring back to your site.

If a visitor has shown interest in your brand by subscribing to your emails or newsletters, chances are they will be more likely to convert. You can especially create retargeting ads for those visitors who have shown their interest by clicking links in your emails. You can display relevant ads to those subscribers who have once clicked to your product or service. These ads will serve as a brand call for your potential customers and entice them to take the desired action. There are many online tools available that help you retarget your subscribers and take your remarketing to a whole new level. These tools allow you to access different advertising platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Yahoo, Bing, and Google while opening opportunities to convert your subscribers into customers.

Create Emails for Gmail Sponsored Promotions

It’s no surprise that Gmail is the widely used email service that has more than 1.5 billion monthly active users. If your brand message isn’t delivered to your potential customers’ Gmail account, chances are you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Google Sponsored Promotions (GSP) is the best marketing strategy that allows you to generate direct response leads from the inbox of your potential customers. GSPs are usually shown in the Promotion and Social tab of your Gmail inbox.

One of the best parts of Gmail Sponsored Promotion ads is that they are displayed in your potential customers’ inboxes, entice people to open the ad and direct them to the website. With this advertising technique, you can easily target people who once visited the website of your competitors. To make the most of this display network ad, you can use different targeting options to get your email on the top of their inbox.

Increase Your Email Subscribers with Paid Search

Do you know you can increase your subscribers by using PPC ads? Today, almost every business is using an online form that encourages visitors to fill their important details. With PPC ads, you can increase the number of subscribers as running a PPC ad will help you attract those people to your website who are looking for the services and products offered by your brand.

When a visitor sees a relevant ad while browsing a social media channel or a website, chances are they will click on it and will be directed to the landing page. A subscription form will entice them to sing up for the latest updates and learn more about your company. Many digital marketing companies are using this trick to direct users to their homepage and capture their email address. All in all, it is a perfect way to increase your subscriber list that will help brands to send them special discounts and provide content to their prospects.

Final Words

Using PPC to strengthen your email marketing efforts is a great strategy to increase your business conversions and revenue. Has your digital marketing agency combined PPC with email marketing before? If not, now is the time to take advantage of PPC and email marketing data to grow your business.

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