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6 Ways Artificial Intelligence can improve your Website

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot topic for a decade now. The concepts that were once taught in the books are now turned into reality, and we are experiencing its existence in our routine life. AI-powered personal assistance in the smartphone has simplified the user experience that an illiterate can browse the web and find his or her favorite song, celebrity, movie, or brand. 

The ability to automating the simplest to complex tasks, AI has been a victim of controversy. The debate started with some of the people admiring its applications, while others fear the loss of jobs. We are among the admirers, as we believe the AI is assisting in various routine tasks and allowing us to concentrate more on the productive aspects of our business.

Talking specifically about web design and development, it has contributed a lot in simplifying website management and user experience. From understanding user behavior to automating different tasks, AI has proved a helping hand for developers.

The designers who used to spend hours in analyzing user data to know which feature or function suits them the most can now seek assistance from an AI tool. If you are not familiar with such a tool, ask for a recommendation from a web design company in Dubai or a freelance developer near you. Read the post below to know how AI can empower you in improving your website.

1. Turning communication into smart chatbots

Doing business without listening to consumer needs is never a recommended practice. Online buyers have questions in their minds before they make the final decision of placing an order. They have the option to call or email, but they prefer to live chat for quick answers.

According to the hub spot, 42% of customers prefer to contact a store through its website’s live chat. Even, the Millennial prefer it over other communication mediums. However, it requires deploying proficient staff around the clock to keep the customers posted against their queries. By empowering the live chat feature with AI, one can automate customer support without recruiting much of the workforce.

Improve your website by engaging your customers in a human-like chat. Let the chatbot analyze user queries and answer with the most suitable reply.

2. Speeding up SEO tasks

SEO starts with the design and structure of your website. The text, images, and layout must be optimized for improved loading speed and usability. Your website must be mobile responsive too. For any human, evaluating and fulfilling SEO requirements of every page is difficult and time-consuming. Why not automate it with AI-powered tools? Artificial intelligence technology is assisting businesses in SEO on various levels. It helps them get user insights, automate different optimization activities, and personalizing the consumer’s journey.

Tools like Bright Edge, MarketBrew, Can I Rank, and Pave AI provides you deep insights about your users.  Whereas, tools like WordLift, DialogFlow, Alli AI, and Albert can assist you with automating SEO task. It improves your website in many ways. For example, WordLift processes your website information to suggest new titles along with internal links and recommendations on relevant images. Save your time in searching for page related royalty-free images as the tool suggests you instantly from the web.

Furthermore, such AI-powered SEO tools can help you quickly create and publish semantic content such as Meta title and description, and mention links to useful content sources.

3. Writing or re-writing content

Hiring writers and making them produce content as precisely as you need is a meticulous job. Improve your website by timely writing and posting content to attract more users from the search engine and engage them in the insightful content. With Quill application, you can automate report writing by just injecting the data in it. WordSmith is another tool that allows narrates data into valuable content. Articoolo also creates content by getting a topic and understanding its concept. For automating re-writing, one can use WordAI for smart write-ups.

4. Increasing readability

Artificial intelligence helps you improve the website in a multitude of features. The content you may be writing for your site may not be readable to masses. For example, you may be writing technical reviews for computer science graduates with all the jargon. Therefore, the content is accessible and enjoyable for a defined audience. To improve your website’s reach, you may need to work on improving the readability score.

With AI-backed tools like Grammarly, After the deadline, and SpellCheckPlus can support you in enhancing website readability. It helps you remove spelling and grammatical errors, and suggest easy words to replace with the difficult ones.

5. Recommending products or posts

Compelling existing customers to add more items to the cart is far more comfortable than converting a new visitor into a customer. Use the trust and credibility you have acquired already in the eyes of your customers by adding an AI-powered recommendation engine to your website. An eCommerce website can show relevant store items to customers.

For example, you can suggest products that are viewed or bought together. The recommendation engine will collect the user’s data and customers’ buying history to suggest the matching items. It is a brilliant idea as the users get to visit a product they were looking for. The improved user experience results in higher conversions and revenues. Bloggers and news websites can take benefit of the AI recommendations by projecting relevant stories and posts for higher engagements.

6. Deterring spam attacks

Find spam and real users from a contact us form or comment section are tricky as most of the time, the spambots are successful in dodging the captcha and other human checks. Such spam attacks can harm your website. It is time to enable user interaction with AI to deter spam attacks. Akismet is one of the useful solutions for protecting WordPress websites from spam. You can find an alternative suitable for the platform you use.

Final words

Managing a website needs you to be vigilant in carrying out any task. Being a human, you may either forget to complete a task in time or commit mistakes. With AI, you can automate most of the functions and keep the business going while paying attention to more goal-oriented activities.

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