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9 Factors to Use Technology for Roof Estimates

A roof is the most important part of the construction of a house. It offers shelter to not only the entire house but also structural support to the building. A roof is made in the last during the construction of a house, but it requires precise measurements.

A builder not only requires measuring the dimensions but also the estimate of costs, like labor cost, roof material, and extra services. Estimating all these things is essential to offer your customers a fair price and make a fair profit for contractors. Let us check the top factors to use technology for roof estimates.

1. Calculating the material costs

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After you measure your roof dimensions, you need to estimate the amount of material you want for the construction of your roof. As you know that anything you leave out of your quote might lead to loss late on in the form of extra costs. A roof estimation software can help you to know about various roofing products available in the local market.

2. Save time

Time is important for any business, and construction is no exception. Using a roof estimation software can speed up the process and help you to save a lot of time for important tasks.A roofing software helps you to eliminate the trips to construction sites and spending time on ladders and rooftops. The modern roofing estimate tools allow you to use the aerial views, bird top views, and street views to take measurements of a house. In this way, these tools save a lot of time that contractors can use for other important tasks such as interacting with customers and creating marketing plans for their business. 

3. Save money 

Using roofing estimate software can also help the contractors save money. They don’t need to use any third-party services for the creation of reports. A roof estimation software can help you to measure the square footage of a roof for which you don’t need to physically climb on the roof. By performing most of the tasks with the help of software, you don’t need to pay any third parties for the measurements and estimations. Moreover, using software also reduces the number of trips you need to make to the construction site; it also saves the cost of fuel used in vehicles. 

4. Avoid liabilities and accidents

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Working on a roof is one of the riskiest jobs in the construction field. Whether it is taking estimates or any other work regarding a roof, it involves the risks of falls and accidents. Where is a high risk of an accident while estimating the roofs that are old and not in good condition. Many accidents happen while taking measurements of a room as it is considered as a quick task for the preparation of roofing estimates. Some workers take the estimates of a roof without the use of any safety measures or equipment that can prove very risky. Now there’s no more need to scale a roof to calculate it physically. Using aerial roof measuring technology, reports of on-the-job accidents can be significantly minimized. 

5. Accurate measurements

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Roofing estimation software makes use of images taken from satellites or drones that enables users to take the most accurate measurements. Taking the measurements manually can lead to inaccurate measurements and miscalculations. Uses can also write down the figures incorrectly. A roofing estimation software helps the users to produce the most accurate reports within minutes. It means this software reduces the chances of inaccuracies and incorrect measurements. 

6. Gain new customers 

Every business needs new customers to increase their sales and revenue. As roofing estimation software helps you to take the measurements quicker and faster than the conventional methods, you can use your time in creating the marketing plans for your business. It helps you to make more bids in less time, so you get some time to acquire new customers and address queries and issues of your existing customers. More customers mean more sales and more revenue for your business. 

7. Handle new projects proactively 

Some people are too busy with their existing projects and customers that they don’t find time to handle the new customers. If a new customer arises when you are already busy with your existing project, you don’t need to deny him for providing your roofing services. You can take measurements of their root or house by using the satellite images of their home. 

It takes only a few minutes to measure the roof of a house using a roofing estimation software. Therefore, you don’t need to tell a customer that you will be late for a few days to offer them your services. Next time when you meet your customer, you can explain to him the cost of the project and show him the finished view of his roof in a digital image of his house. 

8. Easy to use 

The new technologies for easy to use, and so are the roofing software. There is a variety of rooting estimation software available, and you can use any of them for your project. Some applications are free to use, while for others you need to buy them. However, most of the applications are quite simple to use, and contractors can learn them within a few days. Once you start using an application, you can learn them within a few days and use it for taking measurements of all types of roofs. 

9. Measurements from different angles

Drone and satellite make it possible to take the measurements of a roof or house from different angles. Taking the measurements from different angles ensures accuracy in calculations and creating the right estimates. 

Final Words

These are some reasons and benefits of using technology-enabled tools for roof estimates. In addition to taking measurements, some applications also help contractors to estimate individual costs and total costs of the project. Also, there are software and mobile applications for roof paintings. Painting contractors can use the house roof painting applications to create a final picture of the project before beginning the paintwork. 

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