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Cyber Security for Small Businesses: What Makes It So Important?

Digital marketing and online sales have become the order of the day in this internet age. This is all down to the many benefits that all businesses are enjoying from this. The new technology of being able to get business processes done effectively and faster online has made a world of difference for most businesses. Likewise, small businesses can reach a lot of audiences and prospective clients via social media and the internet. This highlights why the cyber world is very important for small businesses to promote their brand even though they lack enough resources to make use of other mediums as effectively as larger businesses.

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Are You Damaging Your Business’ Data Security By Using Cloud Storage?

Technology has dramatically altered how business is conducted all around the world, making it possible for operations to run more efficiently without being limited by geography or physical space. One of the most practical innovations is cloud storage. Cloud storage allows users to save their data in remote servers that can be accessed via the internet. This means that companies do not need to maintain their physical servers in their offices as they can use the cloud for their storage and computing needs.

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