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8 Smart Home Technology Includes Smart Security Options

Smart technology is already touching almost every area of our life. From everyday home appliances to smartphones, to medical equipment to home security, smart technology is making our lives better. With smart assistants, we can control our home appliances as well as security gadgets.

When it comes to home security, people need the most upgraded gadgets to make their homes safe from thefts. There are many smart security gadgets that help us secures our indoors as well as outdoors. Let us check some smart home technology gadgets to make our homes safe and secure.

Brinks Home Security system

Brinks Home Security offers a wide range of home security solutions that use a range of kit options to work with your smartphone, mostly based on a smart home control panel and various sensors.

The smart home platform is compatible with both Amazon Alexa and Z Wave devices and you can use them for any other home automation system. Brinks provides motion sensors and door sensors as well as live video cameras, and for security reasons, all communications between the devices are encrypted.

Ring Alarm home security system

Image Credit: Bestbuy

It is one of today’s best security-focused systems on the market, but it has the potential to become one of the best times of smart home systems.

It has each and every feature that you ‘d want in a smart home system: Zigbee, Z-Wave Plus, LTE, and Wi-Fi. Today it works with some third-party products— including a Dome outboard siren and First Warning smart smoke/carbon monoxide detector — but the inclusion of Z-Wave and Zigbee radios allows it to help just about any smart home product on the market.

Canary All-in-One

Hose with more modest homes, such as a rented apartment, might want a simpler plug-and-play solution, like the Canary All-in-One that retails for $169. The package includes a 1080p night vision HD camera, 90 dB siren, a temperature sensor, humidity, air quality, sensor. It is available in black and white colors to suit a range of decors.

It is easy to setup in a few minutes, as the system simply needs electrical power and the internet for kick-off security.

While the All-in-One Canary can be used with free access, a $9.99 monthly membership package is required to use its premium features.

SimpliSafe Home Security

Image Credit: Amazon

The easy-to-install, easy-to-use device from SimpliSafe is well-positioned when it comes to value, as the best home security system. It offers a comprehensive set of features, security cameras, and a perfect mix of battery-powered sensors that all worked consistently well in our testing. Starter kits start at around $230, or you can create your own custom system with the exact mix of devices you want. Professional monitoring starts at $15 a month, but users are sure to go for the $25 /month plan that offers additional features such as mobile app controls, voice support through smart assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home is a comprehensive home surveillance system with standard built-in video recording and smart home features as needed. Core products include video doorbell, smart locks, indoor and outdoor cameras, and garage access. The indoor video camera comes with a full 1080p HD video recording and two-way audio recording.

When using Google Home or Alexa, everything can be handled directly via a mobile app, a home security panel, and voice controls. That means you can use voice commands or your mobile app to integrate it with other smart home apps, not least lighting, and heating, as needed.

Frontpoint Security

Frontpoint Security provides a simple and intelligently controlled home security service, using a wide variety of wireless devices. The Frontpoint Hub supports all of your security devices as a central controller. The hub will switch between a wireless and cellular network as needed, so your home security system can continue without interruption even if there’s a break in your internet connection.

It will automatically send out a security alert even if it is somehow lost. You also have complete control over your tracking choices, and you don’t have to wait for warnings. Frontpoint will call 911 for you if a specific incident is identified, ensuring your home remains safe.

Nest Secure

Image Credit: Techcrunch

The Nest Tag is a key fob-style device capable of arming or disarming the system in proximity to the base station-other arming solutions include a passcode, Google Assistant, as well as the Nest app.

The Stick Nest Detect sensor, is a flexible hardware, that you can use to protect a door, window, or wall as it detects movement. The device is available with additional sensors at $49. Such sensors all feed their information to the Nest App through the base station.

Nest Secure works over Wi-Fi, but as a backup, cellular connectivity is an additional $5 monthly alternative. The device can also be extended with indoor and outdoor camera options, and Yale electronic locks compatible.

Automotive smart locks

In addition to the security of your home, it is also essential to secure your vehicles, such as cars and SUVs. Although all the vehicles come equipped with smart locks and keys that make them secure against standard thefts. However, you can install security cameras and install an advanced smart lock on your car to enhance its security. In case of any issues, you can call a 24 hour automotive locksmith to get it fixed. Moreover, it is best to install a smart lock that comes with a phone app so that you can get alerts and control the lock from your smartphone.

Final Words

The devices in this post are some of the most advanced smart security gadgets of the year. Homeowners can install them in their homes to improve the security of their indoors as well as outdoors. The best advantage of these gadgets is that most of them are compatible with smart assistants, which makes them pretty convenient to use. Moreover, they come with smartphone apps for easy control and receiving alerts anytime, anywhere.

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