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Software Development Trends to Consider in 2020

With the rapid advancement of technology, software development is happening rapidly these days. Every year, new trends come up and some breakthrough technological advancements are expected to take place.

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If you are planning for 2020, here is a list of some of the major software trends that you must be looking forward to this year.

More usage of Artificial Intelligence

Machines are replacing humans in many fields these days with the help of artificial intelligence which is expected to reach even a wider audience in 2020. Artificial intelligence is expected to play a major role in the healthcare sector for assisting doctors, for adding on advanced features in vehicles, to regularize the system of grading in the education sector, in the travel industry for adjusting the fares as per the seasonal demands, for social media to give the users a personalized experience and more. Besides this, chatbots are being used by several websites these days to eliminate human error and respond quickly to their customers. Instead of creating a specialized department for working on chatbots and other techniques that run on artificial intelligence, many businesses are taking the help of software application development companies these days for better customer satisfaction.

5G Network

The switch from 3G to 4G network had created a lot of buzz in the market and the switch from 4G to 5G is expected to do the same. The technology is expected to hit the markets by the end of this year and will transform user experience with its outbreak. It will not only improve the internet speed but will also improve user experience like 3D gaming, augmented reality and more.

Edge Computing

This form of computing is considered as an advanced version of cloud computing. While with the help of cloud computing, it is now easier to store large data cost-effectively without occupying too much space on your device, edge computing will be beneficial in remote access where the network is weak. You will even be able to use this technology with time-sensitive data where regular cloud computing portal cannot be used.

Mobile Apps and Instant Apps

Gone are the days when people used to prefer looking up different websites over the internet on their browsers on smartphones. They expect quick response these days whenever they are looking for something new. Software application development companies are focusing these days on creating mobile apps for their websites. While most of the large companies already have apps these days, the trend is expected to be followed by a large number of medium-sized companies in 2020 to make their customers happier. With Instant apps gaining popularity in 2020, you will not have to use up space in your smartphones and run the app like a regular website but in a faster way.

Outsourcing Software development

Outsourcing has become a trend these days among the organizations that are focused on saving their time and cutting down the operative expenses to an extent. Many companies that have already hired IT professionals might go for outsourcing so that they have to spend the money only when the service is needed. Talking on the market level, the demand for skilled personnel might decrease in the corporate sector but will rapidly increase in private and specialised firms. Since outsourcing will bring in highly skilled resources into the organization, it is expected to deliver better results.

Microservice Architecture

The regular services and operations are expected to be replaced by microservice in the coming few months. The same has even been highlighted as per the upward Google search trend if the data is compared over the last couple of years.

The growth of Python

Among all the programming and computing languages, Python is expected to grow rapidly in this year and might even leave Java and C behind. So, if you know this language, make sure that you make the use of the upcoming trend in this year. If you do not know this language, make a wise investment by learning something new. For those businesses who are aiming at making a technical shift to beat their competitors, switching to Python will be a wise choice and will be beneficial for the business in the longer run.

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