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6 Tips to Get Instant Results from Your Blog Posts

Publishing blogs consistently is a great way to increase traffic on your website. However, if these blog posts are not properly optimized, your conversion rates will remain unchanged. Here are a few tips on getting instant results from your blog posts.

1. Video Always Sells

Through the last decade of online engagement, we’ve learned that video is king. People are more likely to watch a video rather than reading a blog post. That’s just a fact. Video always creates a bigger impact on the user rather than a beautifully-written blog post. It’s not because people are incapable of writing well, but because it’s easier to retain videos than written content. Also, watching videos is more exciting and engaging than reading an article.

Placing relevant videos that are related to your content may benefit your blog post more than the content. However, don’t post videos just for the sake of it. If the content isn’t related to the video at all, refrain from posting.

2. Post at the Right Time for the Best Engagement

The best engagement comes at the right time. If you post a video when your audience is the most active, you’re more likely to receive better engagement. However, if you post at odd times when your target audience won’t be online, you risk irrelevance.

You can ascertain when your audience is most active by looking through the analytics on your website. You can also look through your Facebook analytics as well as the engagement on other platforms. It’s also important to use all these platforms for engagement since a lot of people stick to one platform for one thing. Some will only come to your blog post through your website. Others will only follow you on Twitter to get the latest news. It’s better to use all the channels to funnel traffic rather than sticking to one or two.

3. Pander to the Crowd

Don’t be afraid to pander and entertain. If something is trending online and you can connect to it through your posts, don’t miss that opportunity. Don’t go out of your way to incorporate something completely irrelevant. However, if there is a connection, don’t shut it out.

This is an opportunity for you to open yourself up to a whole new audience. Perhaps you will tap into a specific demographic by discussing their favorite topic. Professional copywriting services can help you by providing a consistent stream of entertaining blog posts every month.

Other ways of including entertaining topics in your blog posts could be asking the audience themselves. You could put out a survey, aggregate comments, notice patterns, etc. All of these things can help you come up with new topic ideas that can appeal to your audience and beyond.

4. Include CTAs and Relevant Offers

Of course, this is a vital part of blogging, especially for a small business or service provider. Including relevant offers and CTAs is essential for you to capitalize on incoming traffic. It’s a clear way to monetize a blog and earn from the increased traffic.

The CTAs should be direct, short, and at the center of the blog post’s value. Users should find what they’re looking for right within that highlighted text on the page. As far as relevant offers are concerned, you need to pair offers with blog posts that connect. For example, if the blog post is about dandruff, don’t post a CTA or offer about face wash. If the blog post is about dyeing hair, don’t place a CTA in it about eye shadow. All of this seems obvious on the surface, but too many fall prey to promoting everything under the sun.

Consider hiring some high-quality content writing services to craft great blog posts and CTAs for you.

5. Include the Relevant Keywords and Local SEO

Keywords are SEO 101. Without them, you can’t hope to rank your blog post or any post really, within search results. However, the search has changed over the last decade. It’s not just about small phrases anymore, but long questions and statements. Since voice search is taking over search results online, it’s become clear that people are going to search via conversation. Since spontaneous conversation is never short and succinct, people will tend to ask questions. These will go like “where can I get something to eat?” or “what is the best hair salon near me?”

These examples also bring up local SEO, which is driving a lot of traffic towards businesses. Today, people are more conscious of their time and money than ever. Hence, they desire quick solutions and the best they can get nearby. Hence, businesses need to look at how much traffic they can get from nearby customers. Local SEO will play a great part in blog posts when it comes to driving actual foot traffic towards businesses.

6. Improve Readability

Never forget that the entire point of a blog post is to be read. There are various tools online that can improve your readability. There are also certain rules which you need to follow in this regard like writing short sentences and including value. The best blog posts are those that can be easily understood, enjoyed, and contain the most structure.

That last quality helps users find what they’re looking for in a blog post, and it also helps Google in answering questions. If you highlight and label your content throughout a blog post, Google will better target it as a search result.

Using these tips, you’ll be able to craft blog posts that will not only drive traffic but improve monetary gains.

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