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9 Biggest Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2020

Rapid growth and advancements made in the sphere of modern technologies significantly affected almost every aspect of our day-to-day lives. No matter if you’re a business person or a consumer, modern technologies can certainly improve your experience. That said, the world of marketing has experienced some interesting changes.

Not only are there now more ways you can advertise your business than there ever were, but even those new channels are constantly changing and evolving. With that in mind, here are some of the biggest marketing trends that will dominate the industry in 2020.

Interactive content

Since shopping online has already become the preferred way to shop, it comes as no surprise that online consumers are now looking for new experiences when spending their money online. That’s why online businesses should find ways to refresh their offer and spark interest once more. If you add to that the fact that almost 91% of online consumers are looking for content that’s more visual and interactive, it becomes quite clear why businesses should use such content to their advantage. Simply put, the more engaging the content you put out there, the greater the chances of achieving your goals.

Shoppable posts

Social media is another thing that’s almost become an integral part of our daily lives, both as business people and consumers. With that being said, it’s clear that it also became an integral part of online marketing. The fact is that around 70% of online consumers use social media platforms when looking to buy a product online. That’s precisely why companies should try to capitalize on this as much as possible. By including shoppable links in their social media ads, businesses stand to reach far bigger sales.

AR and VR technologies

AR and VR technologies are actively becoming an integral part of the online realm as a whole, online marketing included. Thanks to these, marketers will not only be able to make their content more appealing and engaging, but they will also show consumers that they’re doing their due diligence to try and stay relevant in the industry.

Word-of-mouth recommendations

While digital marketing is certainly the future of marketing as a whole, we must not forget about the arguably most important form of traditional marketing – word-of-mouth recommendations. The fact is that consumers, in general, are far more likely to consider purchasing a product or hiring a service if they’ve heard about it from someone they know and trust. And, while this certainly falls more into the traditional marketing category, the fact is that it can even be implemented in the online realm as well. The gaming and the beauty industry, for instance, benefit a lot from this type of marketing, both online and offline.

Customer reviews

Similarly, customer reviews are another marketing method businesses should definitely include in promoting their endeavors. The fact that online customer reviews achieve almost the same effect as word-of-mouth recommendations means that businesses that include them in their marketing efforts stand to gain much more than the ones that don’t. However, it’s important to note that not all online reviews will achieve the same effect. Again, in the gaming industry, for instance, users tend to trust more the reviews left on third-party websites than those included in the business’s original website. As an example, someone who’s looking for a good online casino is far more likely to trust reviews on a reputable resource website such as AskGamblers. The reason behind this is the fact that these reviews are usually perceived as more trustworthy.


Personalization also plays a huge role in the world of marketing. Simply put, customers like to feel like things are being advertised to them personally. Additionally, generic ads can come off as money-grabby. That’s why marketers will have to pay more attention to targeted ads in the future. Here, email marketing is probably the best way to achieve the goal. Not only can businesses use email marketing to tailor an offer that feels more personal, but they should also use this form of marketing to inform their customers about any promotions, discounts and sales they might be having. The fact is that consumers like to be informed not only when there’s a new launch happening but also about their favorite products going on sale.

Content marketing

As it became clear by now, content is certainly still reigning the marketing realm. By producing high-quality, informative and unique content you’ll be able to not only promote your business but establish your brand as the expert in the industry. Your content is also the way you communicate with your audience so you should definitely aim at creating something that’s not only useful but also entertaining and engaging. Aside from that, the content you create will be what search engines will look into when you try to promote your business. So, make sure that you follow some general rules of SEO when creating the content for your website or blog.

Video content

As mentioned, people nowadays like to be engaged. And since we’re slowly but surely moving further and further away from just the written content, video content presents itself as the new and trendy way for businesses to get their message across. By implementing video content in your marketing efforts, you can achieve so much more than just selling a product. If you include not just the promotional videos, but also how-to guides you will be able to form a stronger bond with your audience. People also like to see a face behind a brand, and video content is a great way to provide them with this opportunity.

Restructure your content

Finally, since the overall popularity is finally becoming more inclusive, businesses that operate in this day and age should follow suit. Nowadays, modern technologies have opened so many new doors and enabled businesses to tailor their offer to include everyone. That’s why businesses should start expanding their marketing and making it more inclusive. Here, you should focus on making your content more easily accessible to everyone. For instance, people with various disabilities have seriously struggled in the past to reach the type of content they were interested in. But, nowadays, with voice-over and smart technologies, you can make your content easily accessible to virtually everybody.

Any modern business that’s looking to promote their endeavor in the future and stay relevant on the market will have to make some serious changes to the ways they promote their business. The fact is that the modern business world is ever-changing and brands need to follow suit if they wish to continue attracting customers. The more effort businesses put in their marketing, the better the end results will be. It is as simple as that.

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