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12 Reasons Why You Need To Update Your Website

In the case of a website, several problems may appear. The first is your need to update your website regularly. The second is a non-actualization of content that can give a negative image of your company. Finally, an old-fashioned design that may require a redesign of your site. To learn more about these different points, we will push the analysis a little further.

1. Ensure the security of your website

When we think of computer security, we usually think of software that can be hacked and can infect your computer. For a website the principle is the same. Indeed, risks exist. These include database-related risks, such as back office hacking or site hosting.

2. Follow the Technical and Legal Evolution

Know that digital is no exception and that it too must adapt to new developments. These are usually of a technical nature: evolution of software and CMS, programming languages, databases, frameworks or even connection protocols (from http to https).

Evolutions can also be legal. The most telling example is probably the implementation of the RGPD in 2018. This new legislation requires your website to request the agreement of visitors to your site for all that is related to the use of their personal data. In addition, new clauses must appear in the legal notices of the website.

3. Be up to date on browsing habits

In the last ten years, website owners have had to constantly adapt to new browsing habits of Internet users. For example, there is a steady increase in mobile browsing.

For a site to be easily readable and usable on the different media used by Internet users, it is therefore important to improve the user experience of your website. To achieve this, several questions arise:

  • Is the website suitable for mobile, tablet and computer use?
  • If no, should we choose a site Responsive Design (site that automatically adapts to the size of the screen)?
  • Should we favor a mobile site Friendly (version of a website designed for smartphone or tablet use)?
  • To avoid deceiving your choice, do not hesitate to call on a digital engineering company.

4. Optimize SEO

Some may still wonder what the interest of a good SEO is. The main interest is that you find your site quickly in the search engines. For this, it is essential to regularly update the contents of your website. In fact, Google’s bots pass on sites regularly and index the new content they find. If these contents are recent, Google will consider that your site provides current information that may be useful to Internet users. On the other hand, if the contents of your site have not evolved since its creation 10 years ago, Google will consider your site obsolete and therefore uninteresting for Internet users. As a result, you will understand, Google will prefer to highlight sites that provide recent information in these search results.

In addition, offering new content (for example through a blog) helps to build customer loyalty and reach new prospects. The novelty attracts!

5. What are the challenges for your company?

First of all, we should know that the updates are not valid only for e-commerce sites. Indeed, companies selling online can not miss out for security reasons. But other companies can also benefit greatly from updating their websites regularly.

6. Demonstrate your expertise

If you have a company, it is because this company has know-how. This know-how must be shown and presented to your prospects. To work with a business, customers need to know who they are dealing with. Present your team, your job, the values โ€‹โ€‹of your company or your experience.

The more complete your website is, the more your customers and prospects will trust your expertise.

7. Present your products and services

As we told you earlier in this article, the content sells! Updating your website by presenting your products and services is essential. You must bring to your prospects the answers they expect. For that, put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers. What are they looking for, what do they need? You will only have to create pages or articles for each answer.

Let’s take an example to show you how important content is: You’re looking for a photographer to create your company’s group photos. After a search on the internet, two very beautiful sites catch your attention:

  • A site with several pages including a dedicated to portraits (photo gallery, text presenting the experience of the photographer for portraits including corporate, customer testimonials)
  • A one-page website with beautiful pictures of all kinds (including some portraits).

It is likely that you choose the first site because it fully meets your needs and gives you evidence of the expertise of the photographer on the subject.

It is possible that the second photographer makes the best portraits of the region but nothing on his site can prove his expertise on this subject.

8. Communicate with and for your target heart

What is the main purpose of a society? Communicate and retain prospects and customers! For this, it is important that your website is the relay of your commercial message. A website allows you to perform targeted actions for the target core you want to reach. For example, by going through a blog, a newsletter, social networks, etc. Regular updating of website content should be taken seriously. It is a major asset for companies!

9. Update or redesign your website?

A website is like a food, it has a kind of expiry date. Several factors make a website no longer suitable. Faced with this finding, two solutions exist: the updating of the website or the redesign of the latter. How to choose between these two options?

10. What is the life of a website?

It is estimated that the life of a website is between three and five years. This estimate varies according to several factors.

The most important factor is the technologies used to develop the site. Indeed, web technologies are constantly evolving and some technologies, very popular a few years ago, have now become totally obsolete. If this is the case for your website, an overhaul is strongly recommended.

In the case of a website whose technologies are still supported, some updates may be sufficient to improve its technical performance and security.

11. Modification of the structure and improvement of the design

Let’s put ourselves in situation, you do a search on your smartphone and you come across an old site, not suitable for mobile, garish colors. What are you doing? You are leaving obviously! The design of a website is essential. Fashion influences trends in all areas, including the web. The more aesthetically up-to-date your site is, the more your business image will be energized and stand out from the competition.

Beyond aesthetics, we must also think practicality! The navigation needs to be optimized so that the user experience is enjoyable regardless of the user’s support.

12. What are the benefits of redesigning a website

If you have opted for the redesign of your website, know that the latter will have many impacts for your company:

  • Integrate new features with the latest software update set up
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Improve SEO and therefore visibility
  • Make the site more attractive
  • Increase the conversion rate of your website

You will have understood, even if a redesign at a cost, it may be essential to keep your site and promote your company.

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