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How To Use TikTok To Promote Your Business

Can a platform that uses just 15-second clips really work?

TikTok is the hottest new social media platform that has gotten both successful, yet confused by the masses. Very similar to its late cousin ‘Musically’, TikTok is the newest platform that allows users to make short, snappy recordings to almost any song in the world, or produce their own comedic videos for entertainment purposes.

To most, it may just seem like another annoying app that allows teenagers to pose randomly in front of the camera. However, it is much more powerful than that.

If the platform is used right, any business or product can be introduced to a huge amount of people that simply scroll the app in their free time. And, with 500 million users worldwide, who says even the smallest of products won’t get seen by the right person?

Whether you’re a corporate franchise or a local business, we will be discussing the ways in which you can use TikTok to promote your business. It may not be the best platform for everyone. But it definitely has the potential to reach a large number of businesses.

Ensure You Know The Platform

The last thing any business would want to do is joining a platform they know nothing about, just because it is popular. And with any social media app, it is important to learn and study it before any posts can be successful.

By studying what kind of content other users are putting out, you will learn what users enjoy seeing. This way it will be easy to interpret whether the platform is right for your services. Further, through learning and slowly progressing into the app, the business will not seem fame-hungry or desperate for attention and will allow you to fit into the platform naturally.

Businesses will soon begin to see that this platform is for entertainment purposes, and not for the pitches or long product reviews. Instead, this is for the fun, behind-the-scenes moments, or the satisfying views seen from the office space. 

Use It For Advertising

Through the development of the TikTok app, it has become an option to use its’ services for advertisements. The introduction of this allows businesses to further extend their audience showcasing what promotions or new deals they have on, with the hopes it increases their clientele.

There are four different types of advertising on TikTok that allow its users to complete. These are:

  • Infeed Native: A style of ad that allows the users to see the advert, and then act on it with clickable links or call to actions involved.
  • Brand Takeovers: This allows a brand to take-over a TikTok account for a period of time. Where they can create content, hashtags and links to products and services.
  • Hashtag Challenge: Using promoted hashtags allow a business to get a great amount of engagement
  • Branded Lenses: This is more of an entertainment focus for an audience, by offering filters or lenses with 2D or 3D features that help promote their brand.

The uses of precise targeting and high-quality marketing will be sure to get a business’ name out there to a large audience, with interaction and engagement to aid in helping their popularity.

Create Entertaining Content

TikTok is all accepting of fun and creative content. It may have an important background message, but as long as it’s entertaining, the users will watch in the masses.

Creating your own content is a very cost-friendly way to market and advertise your business, while still having some fun doing it. The best thing about using this platform is the fact that the content can be created ever so simply on a mobile device, so don’t worry about extensive video editing that comes with content creation. 

However, while outrageously entertaining videos are those that can catch the views rather quickly, don’t try and copy this if it is not your businesses style. The content must be approachable. So something out of the depth of your audience will likely push them away, so keep to your true target.

Work With Influencers

Most specific TikTok influencer marketing may not be as successful as many wishes, just yet. However, the platform is still growing. But, these people work entirely on the platform and are the best people to work with if you want to increase popularity on TikTok.

The marketing produced will typically be a little different from what a serious business may like, as it will be projected specifically at the younger generations who use the platform more than anyone else.

For this to work best though, it would be beneficial to find an influencer with an audience just like your own. This will then not force the influencer to waste their time promoting to the wrong people, it will actually decrease the rejection of working with an influencer, and it can definitely help increase your target audience and revenue.


TikTok is clearly becoming the app of the times. With the commonly known ‘Generation Z’ being the forefront of its popularity, there is no say just how big this new platform could become in the future.

For businesses, it is so important to use social media to their advantage, as this is a place where everyone visits multiple times throughout the day. Posters, leaflets and papers are out, online is in. Companies need to make it a vital task to get themselves a place on the platforms best suited to them, and begin to get their name out there.

TikTok may not be best suited to everyone. With the app crafted on 15-second entertainment videos, this may not match every target audience. But, if you can find a creative way to weave this software into the business, then you are sure to have the perfect lead to increased traffic and clientele.

However, do not force it, as it can become quite evident when a platform is not the place for you. So, make sure to research, take your time, and create some enticing content. Then, once you are successful on TikTok you will be getting sales faster than you ever imagined.

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