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Leveraging AI & IoT for Citizen Security in Smart Cities

The popular term “Smart City” referring to digitized public services and connected solutions for public places, is already famous and widely used. Well, to a great extent, many traditional cities have turned smarter with a lot of digital solutions for the locals and city travelers. As technology is transforming life at a faster pace, today’s smart cities will continue to become smarter. As the latest technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are already playing a massive role in adding value to all the solutions that make cities smarter.

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6 Benefits to Know When Using FBA Fee Calculators

Amazon is taking over the online marketplace. And deciding to sell on the site can be convenient and profitable. The Fulfillment By Amazon, or FBA, service makes selling, storing, and distributing your product easy. The storage, packing, shipping, and customer service are all handled by Amazon, leaving you to simply worry about selecting and marketing your product.

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How To Use TikTok To Promote Your Business

TikTok is the hottest new social media platform that has gotten both successful, yet confused by the masses. Very similar to its late cousin ‘Musically’, TikTok is the newest platform that allows users to make short, snappy recordings to almost any song in the world, or produce their own comedic videos for entertainment purposes.

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Understanding Software Defined Storage in a Data-Driven Culture

Software-defined storage, also known as SDS is when software is used to determine when, how and where data is stored within a storage environment.

The underlying resources for SDS or any other sort of data storage are hardware, and without proper oversight, the costs incurred by businesses to backup and archive large amounts of data can quickly skyrocket. SDS helps avoid that.

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How to Optimize eCommerce Websites to Improve Rankings

Ecommerce is a competitive market, and companies are on the constant lookout for ways to gain an advantage over their rivals. Many strategies have been tried out in the pursuit of this goal, and over time some of them became codified as standard practices.

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4 Tips for Developing A Digital Marketing Strategy to Attract International Clients

While many businesses never dare to dream of expanding to foreign markets, some are ready to embrace the risks and the prospects that such ventures might hold. Research is a necessary step of preparation for a foreign market invasion, closely followed by planning which is performed based on the accumulated data. In some cases, the initial research phases will show clearly that your business is still not ready for such a jump and it would be wise to heed your own advice.

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