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4 Digital Marketing Trends to Target Generation Y and Z

It is no secret that Generation Y and Z have a significant buying power. Therefore, your digital marketing plan has to focus on attracting their attention and building loyalty. To market to millennials and Gen Z, you need to understand their characteristics and what makes them tick. Gen Y is older, with the youngest being 25 and the oldest 39, whereas Gen Z is the youngest generation; below 24 years. Despite the subtle differences between the two, they are tech-savvy and heavily reliant on social media. Therefore, if you want to maintain sustainable growth for your business, your digital marketing efforts should focus on the two generations. What trends have emerged from marketing to Gen Y and Z?

1.  Personalization

While millennials’ attention span is 12 seconds, Gen Z’s is only eight seconds. That means you have less time to convince a buyer that your blog post is worth reading. How do you hold the attention of Gen Y and Z audience? You need to create relevant and personalized content. Millennials and Gen Z have had internet all their lives. Therefore, they are less forgiving if you use flashy sales techniques and fake news. If you do not engage them, they will find your posts invaluable and look for relatable content elsewhere. Email personalization is also useful in offering a customized experience since you can create content based on the customers’ shopping habits and experience.

2.  Use of video

With the low attention span of millennials and Gen Z, video is a more effective marketing method. However, you should not use videos on YouTube only. Remember, the Internet generations skip from one social media platform to another. Since they would rather spend most of the day watching videos, you should incorporate short snackable videos on all social media platforms.

3.  Mobile optimization

Unfortunately, many marketers are uncertain about their mobile strategy. Gen Y and Z choose smartphones over other devices. Therefore, businesses lose a lot of money by failing to optimize for mobile. If your website is challenging to navigate on their mobile phones, you have already lost potential customers. Most marketers are focusing on optimizing their websites for multiple devices by increasing their speed and performance. Apart from your website, you should also optimize social media platforms. An upcoming trend is including in-app purchases and designing high-quality content that will appear stellar on small devices. Since 53% of Gen Z makes purchases from their phones, mobile optimization should go beyond compressing images and improving speed. Instead, it should include strategies that promote brand awareness and encourage sales. For instance, you can have social features like pop-ups, opt-ins, and mobile-friendly contact forms for feedback.

4.  Social responsibility

Businesses should focus on being socially responsible since Gen Y and Z are more conscious about the environment. They are more concerned about how your brand contributes to environmental sustainability. Therefore, businesses should adopt green marketing concepts, principals, and strategies to stay ahead of the competition. The current green marketing definition goes beyond sustainable packaging; companies need to produce products in an environmentally friendly way using sustainable products. Buyers from Gen Y and Z are likely to remain loyal to a brand that serves society and promotes positive values. How do you leverage the importance of green marketing in your digital marketing plan? Present a socially responsible attitude in your social media campaigns. It could be something as simple as donating proceeds to an environmental cause.

Digital marketing is challenging, especially with the ever-changing consumers. However, if you take the time to understand your audience, you have a better chance of remaining relevant.

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