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9 Best Android Apps to Simplify Your Life

Picture this; you wake up early in the morning with a vicious headache and want to have a mug of coffee so badly. But guess what, you were so occupied in your routine that the very thought of buying coffee evaded your memory. Nobody would want to start his or her day with such a nasty episode.

It seems tough to get on with life when things like these happen so frequently. But there is no such thing as a lock without a key. There are various android apps which can help you to live a more disciplined life. A life without self-pity and undue annoyance.

Download the following apps and say hello to a much simpler lifestyle:     

1. Edison mail

Emails have not lost luster even in this era that is dominated by social media. When it comes to sharing information, be it for business or academic purposes, email is still given the first priority. However, it could be irritating to surface through the emails due to the variety of reasons. Edison mail makes life easier for us.

From searching to syncing, you will be on top of everything. To top it off, it has a lightweight design which means no more loading issues even when you don’t possess a high-end device or have no means to speed up the internet.      

2. Pocket

Oftentimes, we notice an important article, quote or photograph and promise to check it later when we have leisure time. Mostly, we never return to that material again. Well, Pocket allows you to save all the important substance at one place and make it easier for you to come back and read it.

You can store both social media and web content. What’s more, Pocket also includes a social sharing button. So no more missing out on the critical stuff. 

3. HQ music

Giving your best at workplace yet all your hard work is overlooked by your boss? Having a hard time to stay with your annoying neighbors? Well, there are many situations where stress can creep in and gradually spoil your happy life. Leaving the stress unaddressed can wreak havoc on your personal and professional affairs. 

Music is known to be a great stress buster. Download HQ music app in your android device and make the most of its simple interface. It’s easy to navigate through the playlist. Unlike the majority of the music apps, you won’t be caught up in the cobweb of unnecessary features. You will begin to notice a positive change in your mood after a song or two.

4. Asana

Effective communication is very important for a company. A marginal lapse in the communication could prove to be very costly in the long run. In order to avoid that risk, it would be best for any professional outfit to take all the employees on board for the minute details. Nothing connects you better with your workforce than Asana.

This free of cost app helps you to assign, receive, and schedule tasks with the onboard members. Anybody can share his or her ideas in a flash with all the colleagues instantly. Besides, its interface is so easy that you don’t have to be tech-savvy to use it.   

5. Hookt

There are so many applications allowing us to make new friends from all over the world. But, one way or the other, majority of the people we meet on social media or other chat apps filter out from our life rather sooner than later. Since old friends are more reliable, Hookt, one of the best apps of the airG reviews platforms, connects you with the people you already know.

Alongside Android, Hookt is supported by a wide range of devices, which means you will be in touch with all your friends. You can even make a group of about 10 people and spend quality time sharing old and new photos and videos with each other.

6. Todoist

Keeping yourself organized does not come easy. Especially when you are burdened with multiple responsibilities. Sure, you can make handwritten lists in order to stay on top of your daily life. However, that’s an outdated way compared to Todoist which provides you the opportunity to make lists on the go.

Using this app, you can also classify your work into different categories. For example, work, personal, household, and so on. That way, you will greatly decrease the chances of missing out on any important task at the end of the day.    

7. Evernote

Creative people have a nag for jotting down their loose thoughts any moment. However, you can’t have access to pen and paper 24/7. You will have to turn to your smartphone application, and Evernote is the best in the lot for securing all notes at one place.

Students can make the most out of Evernote since it lets them save and categorize their notes in separate notebooks. Don’t feel comfortable typing? Not to worry. Evernote provides you the option of audio recording too.    

8. Hootsuite

We keep sharing our thoughts, memories, and pictures on various social media platforms. Naturally, we become curious to see people’s response to these posts and turn to them time and again. Well, shifting from one social media feed to another is not only time-consuming but exhaustive at the same time.

Hootsuite gives you access to all your social media posts at one dashboard. So you don’t need to jump around all the time. Besides, the app gives you the space to be ahead of the time by allowing you to schedule weekly or monthly posts.     

9. iRecycle 

Today, recycling is high on the agenda of world leaders due to climate change. By recycling your old products, you can chip in to make the world a better place and also save your hard-earned money as well. iRecycle assists you in finding the locations where you can recycle almost anything.

Be it your old plastic cup, wornout batteries or dead phone, iRecycle just takes care of everything.  

Final thoughts

Life has never been this hectic. But giving up and being content with the miserable lifestyle is really not the way forward. Why live a messed up life when you are only a handful of apps away from a trouble-free existence? Download the above apps and let us know in the comments how they transformed your lifestyle.

Ashley Rosa

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