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Creating a Safe and Efficient Warehouse

Manufacturers likely already know how important an efficient warehouse is for the health of the supply chain and overall productivity. But many of them choose to focus on automation or other technology while overlooking the importance of safety. Any accident can cause delays that slow down your processes and hurt profitability. When a work environment operates with an emphasis on safe behaviors, the risk of accidents that can injure workers and damage goods is reduced. This is why following proper protocols should be a top priority for warehouse managers.

For instance, forklift accidents account for thousands of injuries each year. To avoid them, the equipment should never be loaded beyond its capacity or driven at speeds of more than 5 miles per hour. You also should pay close attention to the maximum loads your warehouse racks can hold. Stacking products evenly will help prevent shelves and racks from becoming overloaded. Slips and falls are another common workplace accident, so using non-slip tape and guardrails on stairs and elevated areas is a must. Protecting your people and products does more than improve safety in your warehouse — it enhances your efficiency. For more safety tips you can use in your facility, take a look at the accompanying infographic.

Creating a Safe and Efficient Warehouse from Qualitrol.
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