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Cybersecurity Made Simple

Every day we hear about some new virus, exploit, or form of a phishing attack. And, just when you thought it was safe to hang around offline, we hear about a vulnerability in the processing centers of our computers.

Even staying offline is not enough to protect you from today’s cybercriminals. Malware from an “innocently” dropped USB drive can infect your system just as well as any online virus. That’s why it’s important to conduct regular security awareness training sessions with your employees.

It’s also not a bad idea to bone up on the latest security threats yourself from time to time. To that end, we’ve got a comprehensive infographic for you. You might be an old security pro, but check out the IG anyway. Why?

You Get Eye-Opening Statistics

Its packed with statistics that you can use during training to illustrate just how damaging cybercrime can be. There’s nothing that makes quite the same impact as hearing that one hack netted cybercriminals $4 billion and another exposed the data of 3 billion accounts.

Learn About the True Costs of Cybercrime

How does a breach affect a small or medium business? What issues will companies have to deal with when breached? Find out below.

You’ll Get Actionable Tips to Protect Your Personal Data

It’s quite amazing in this day and age but around about a quarter of us don’t even have a lock code for our phones. Find out what other simple mistakes might leave your data exposed.

You’ll Learn How to Protect Your Business Data

With privacy laws becoming stricter, companies have an increased responsibility to protect the data entrusted to them.

Fun Facts

Do you have any idea on what the King of Facebook used as his password at one stage? Check it out below, and I’m sure that you’ll agree that Mark Zuckerberg’s selection wasn’t particularly impressive.

Lots More Besides

There’s a lot more to have a look at. Why not see for yourself. 

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