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How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the Future of Web Design

With every passing day, the web designers tend to introduce innovative ideas in the art works. Many businesses started using AI algorithms in order to help boost their productivity and ease their work. Web design concepts have dramatically shifted from plain HTML site to integrated micro animations.

As the technology gets more advanced, the designers are finding new ways to streamline their workflow. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is there for ages, which is revolutionizing the industries in many ways. Now, it has penetrated into the web design industry bringing new and efficient ways to tackle problems related to designing user interfaces and web elements.

Now expert web designers know how to engage the audience through alluring visuals. Businesses are finding ways to flourish with great pace and setting up AI powered systems is seemed to be more empowering and beneficial for long-term business goals. Now sci-fi concepts have been transformed into reality all because of powerful AI- based algorithms backing up the automated systems.

The web industry has seen many strides as the way we look into the nicely designed websites have never been the same. The rise of Artificial Intelligence has made it possible to come up with the right web design solution in just few seconds. Today, we are going to look into the ways how web designers can take benefit from various applications of artificial intelligence.

Adobe Sensei

The Adobe’s machine learning based project is aimed to assist designers with their designing tasks. The designers often feel overwhelmed with choosing the right colors, sizing and patterns of the layout. This software is going to automate these tasks for designers.

The AI based software will present multiple design options to choose the best suitable one. Along with the photo recommendations from the client’s database, the designer will have the leverage to select which element resonates with the project that is in the designing phase.

The businesses can also bring personalized touches in the web elements and can generate content tailored to their business needs.

The Grid

Talking of high-end designing tools, the grid was splashing across recently that was powered by AI. If you have a little knowledge about web designing, you do need to take assistance from a web designer as the grid system can easily deploy web elements and land pages with great pace.

The Grid remained in the beta phase for two years and then fully launched in 2016. All you need to do is to sign up on their platform first and then choose your desired web elements to integrate in your layout. This includes images, text, color pallets, buttons and embedding videos etc.

You can manage your site from a smooth dashboard that lets you manage your site effectively for desktop and mobile users. You can keep track of your social media accounts and it gives you the ability of synchronizing with the Github also.


Wix is a well-known platform where everyone can create a website following the easy drag and drop web elements. What’s more interesting is that the platform has adopted a personalized approach for efficient user experience. Upon registration, the portal asks you questions about the nature of your business.

On the basis of your answers, it will manifest a stack of content that resonates with your business domain. Then you can integrate any element of your choice. The user will have lot of customization options like setting up animations, adjusting design patterns, choosing from a huge color range and fonts, etc. All you can do that without having any web designing knowledge at all. 


This AI based web designing tool has lot of potential to make your online presence stand out. This online tool came as a next generation web designing system that fabricates beautiful designs based on the content provided. It evaluates the piece of the content and then by judging its nature. Now create web pages within minutes and these will be fully responsive as well. In addition, after signing up to this platform, you will also have access to thousands of stock photos as well.

Why it is important to use Artificial Intelligence?

The system that is backed by Artificial Intelligence has the capability to work numerous times faster than human beings do. The subsets of Artificial Intelligence that involves machine learning, language processing and deep learning contribute in making a system more efficient and user friendly.  For instance the each organization tends to generate massive data that happens to be in the raw form mostly. Acquiring the useful chunks of data may require enormous amounts of time, if processed manually. Luckily, the machines that perform their execution based on powerful AI based algorithms can detect the valuable data in moments. For instance, the web design company in Dubai requires data of those customers who are finding ways to build an online channel or a digital product; the integrated AI systems will evaluate based on their search queries and will distinguish their level of interest. One example of such web design company is Go Gulf, you can visit website to see more details in depth.

In the field of web design and web development, the Artificial Intelligence is in continuous progression phases with new developments are already in queue. The already built AI systems are helping the programming community so far. There is a need of more advanced systems that can tackle more intricate web design tasks.

Voice Search

The AI has brought numerous innovations so far and one of the major is voice search. Now users can explore the online world by using their voice, instead of typing in the search bars. These days’ companies are trying to outmatch others through appealing web interfaces, in order to capture the attention of potential users. So they are gravitating towards using AI to streamline the workflow and to enhance the productivity.

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