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Relating Artificial Intelligence with the Future of User Experience Design Algorithm

In this modern web world, it is impossible to attract a user towards a site and keep engaged, given the fact that they have very little time to spend on a particular site to search for the info they are looking for. Therefore, web designers now focus on ways that will keep them engaged. This is the primary factor for UX design.

  • Artificial Intelligence is one such technology that will not only provide a better user experience but will also keep the humans in the loop.
  • This will be very useful these days especially if you are a business owner.

In fact, in this world and age, there is no scope or chance for a site with a simple design to do well to gain more organic traffic and boost sales. Instead, you should have a simplistic view that you are in a business of destroying jobs! That means you will need to stay ahead of the competition and if possible drive their customers to your site.

Well, there is no harm or shame in doing that because your competitors are doing and intend to do just that. This will very hard to make peace with if your customers are driven by them towards their site. Therefore, why should you not do the same?

Relating dollars and hours

Technological features in your site design will not only save a lot of dollars for you but will also save a lot of hours worked by people in an equal proportion.

  • By the term “design” it is mostly referred to as the output of the algorithm.
  • It also refers to the value proposition.

There are lots of companies that spend a lot of money on such site design which will be significantly reduced when you implement technologies like Artificial Intelligence in your site design.

The cost of designing networks as well as the complicacies involved will also be significantly reduced when you AutoCAD as well.

  • These tools and technologies will help any UX designer NYC to meet the rising demand for network design.
  • This will also free them from the monotonous task of drawing a network design.
  • This will help them to put their skills as well as their brains to best use.

However, considering the modern web design scenario, nothing of this will be possible if you do not use technology and take automation to that point where it can imitate what humans can do and produce. Fortunately, AI is there to help you and to meet the unknown challenges in web design.

The limits of AI

If you want to use AI in automation and in network design, you will be better off when you know about the limits of AI. Yes, there are a few even though there is a lot of hype around various forms of AI.

In fact, the Pareto Principle is being followed more extensively in web design but if you put it in a simplistic nutshell the limits of AI will:

  • Automate only 80% of the tasks
  • The focus on workflow must be the rest 20%.

However, the remaining 20% of the job is the most difficult. Add to that, as you approach that 80% mark, the jobs will get gradually more difficult. That is why you should start, as they say, “with the low hanging fruit.”

Automation algorithms can be very difficult a job to handle as it will take years to reach 70% of the job. More surprisingly, the remaining 10% of the task will take even longer time to be fully automated.

This means, that even if the network design is the best and automated optimally, it is the limitation of AI that will need humans to do that rest 20% of the task. These 20% last tasks will typically require numerous tradeoffs that the algorithms cannot handle. You will, however, have to make small tweaks in every situation that may vary according to the need.

Writing UX based algorithms

When you want to write algorithms keeping UX in mind, one of the best things that you can do is starting using the software that will help you to create a design that will be the best and in keeping with the needs of the company.

When you use specific software your team writing the algorithms will find it very easy to create designs just as required. You and your team will be able to work to the full potential and beyond and find it extremely easy and comfortable when you:

  • Write scripts
  • Use a command-line interface and
  • Create a GUI.

This means from a graphical point of view, you will have to put in zero effort to create a good UX. On the other hand, if you consider it from the algorithmic point of view you will be doing good UX without even knowing it.

All you have to make sure is that:

  • The automation and algorithms have plenty of levers that will help your team of designers to pull them to contribute and could add more info iteratively so that everything is in effect and collaborate with the algorithms. This will result into a more traditional UX.
  • You will also have to insert places in your algorithms so that all the different needs of the users are met with.

This will help you to meet with the UX challenge most comprehensively. Therefore, make it a point that you are aware of the strengths of both humans and algorithms and accept it fully so that you can implement it in your design in a much more comprehensive manner.

Strengths of algorithms and humans

Lastly, you should consider the strengths of UX algorithms that include:

  • Speed of calculation
  • Validation of a few rules and report
  • Impartiality and
  • Consistency.

Combine these strengths of the algorithm with that of the humans and you will get the best results. The strengths of humans include creativity and imagination to think and come up with solutions that are out of the box, involving social, economic, and environmental context, and empathy that impacts their decisions.

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