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Meet 6 Dynamic Ways for Customer Service

Customer service is one of the most important points for companies. After all, it is the direct channel between the public and the organization’s employees. So, personalized and efficient assistance is key to winning over consumers.

In this scenario, it is essential to provide training for employees performing this function. Dynamics are activities that aim to provide specific instructions on a given subject in a lightweight way and with a great ability to motivate the team.

With that in mind, we’ve listed six dynamic ideas for customer service skills for you to apply to your team. Continue reading!

1. True or false

This dynamic is an option to stimulate the interaction and engagement among the attendants. In this activity, each participant says three characteristics about himself, two of which are true and the other is false. So, it is up to colleagues to identify which of these are true and which statement was invented.

Through this, employees learn to observe while the other person speaks, which contributes to the service, since it is fundamental to understand what the customer really needs to find the best solution.

2. Treasure Island

If you want to motivate your employees to make your service even more productive and effective, that dynamic can help you with that.

It has elements that encourage teamwork, a key factor in any sector of the company. And for those who relate directly to the public, that ability is even more important.

To accomplish this, form or allow collaborators to create pairs. Have a box of chocolates in hand. Also, separate some newspaper sheets.

Place one of the sheets at one end of the room and open it. The box of chocolates should be on top of this newspaper page.

On the other side of the room, leave the remaining journals and divide the doubles so that each one has a sheet. Without damaging newsprint, you have to try to get to the box of chocolates.

In the course of the dynamic, participants will understand that it is necessary to join the pairs to meet the challenge, which demonstrates the importance of teamwork.

3. Customer Service

Specifically, for the people who perform the customer service, it is necessary to know how to react in each case and solve problems with efficiency and cordiality. This dynamic puts the attendants in the perspective of the public, helping to find efficient solutions when facing difficult situations.

In it, you can divide the group into two types of people: consumers and employees of the company. In this way, it is possible to simulate several situations that occur frequently in the day to day.

For example, the group that corresponds to customers may stage moments of frustration with a product. From this, it will be necessary for the team of attendants to improvise ways to get around the problem, seeking the most effective responses.

Finally, you can stimulate feedback, allowing everyone to collaborate with suggestions and adjustments to care before you put into practice what was suggested.

4. Do anything

It is a fun dynamic, ideal for engaging attendants and promoting moments of relaxation. In this game, a participant will make repetitive moves, and they need not have any meaning for the other colleagues watching the scene.

Then someone else will have the role of contributing to making the story told make sense. So, the two people build something new improvised, using creativity so that everyone understands what is being staged.

This activity stimulates the imagination and the art of improvising, which are two important aspects for professionals who perform customer service.

5. Dynamics of names

Calling someone by your name is a point that has great importance in the care and even among the employees of the company. Therefore, to promote dynamics that help in this sense is an excellent idea for all to exercise this ability of memory.

On the internet, you can find several games on the subject. So, enjoy the facility and pass this information on to the employees.

In addition, it is also possible to invest in group activities using repetition and association techniques so that employees remember names.

These methods can be taught and applied on a daily basis as a means of monitoring the results and experiences of the team.

6. Creative Sales and Persuasion

The sales team plays a key role in brand growth. Without these collaborators, it is impossible to guarantee positive revenue, that is, with good profitability. Therefore, training professionals in this area is essential to ensure high performance.

In this dynamic, you initially separate the group into teams. Through a draw, they will receive several objects randomly, one at a time. Thinking about the functionality of these items, the team will need to develop creative sales techniques that are compelling.

The difference of this game is that all selected products are not the ones we find on store shelves often. Otherwise, they should be unusual to stimulate participants’ argument ability.

Thinking about dynamics for customer service training is important so that employees are engaged and engaged in their activities, as well as being able to execute them efficiently. Several options can be used depending on the needs of the team, taking into account the goals, the profile of the consumers and so on.

It is also imperative to allow teams to be free about the methods that will be used at the time of sale. So, let them feel free to create slogans, advertisements or any other type of strategy that can contribute to the presentation. With this, the employees of your company will be able to be trained through games and relaxed dynamics.

We hope that our tips have helped you to plan dynamic motivators for customer service training that contribute to improving the performance of your team and, consequently, your company. Nowadays there are more customer service courses were available online so you can learn more idea about customer service in business management.

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