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Understanding How to Leverage the Power of Social Media to Increase Website Traffic

Generating social media traffic could be similar to a city planner knowing ways of getting traffic efficiently in and out of a busy city. Your site’s social media traffic is supposed to be its backbone. Getting visitors to your site via social media engagement could be dicey particularly if you seem to have a limited budget and you are already trying advertising. Social media is capable of being the foremost source of website traffic. When you build a huge presence on social media, you could rest assured of getting consistent traffic to your website.

Boost Your SEO

It is essential to make your content easily shareable for your readers. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that your precise content is being effectively and correctly shared. Digital marketing has witnessed a phenomenal growth that means you must consider boosting your SEO by following SEO best practices with zeal and enthusiasm. Integrating effectively SEO practices and content could assist you in:

  • Improving online visibility.
  • Generating more sales/leads.
  • Strengthening your brand’s domain and authority.
  • Connect effectively with all your direct audience.

Just Ensure That Your Website’s URL Actually Is Visible

Almost all social media platforms have a designated place or multiple spots for sharing your website. You need to ensure that your website’s URL or address is clearly visible in your social media accounts’ about and bio sections. This would certainly give you including your profiles the desired legitimacy and drive more visitors to your website.

Consider Adding Your URL Directly to All Your Existing Social Media Profiles

All your social networking profiles must necessarily have an active link to your official website. This may seem pretty obvious but often people ignore this important aspect of online marketing. Incorporating a link is a good idea as it helps in driving more targeted audience to your site. It is immensely beneficial for SEO purposes and also, for driving more social media traffic to your site.

Make Your Content Easily Shareable

Every business owner or marketer must understand the importance of mobile-friendliness. 65 percent of your time on social media is actually spent using a mobile device. Almost 40 percent of specifically news content was actually accessed via mobile as compared to a desktop. Hence, when you are living in this digital and predominantly mobile era, it is obvious that your content must be easy enough to read and most importantly, your content must necessarily be shareable. You could consider sharing buttons on your mobile devices as that is crucial to driving more social media traffic. According to SEO expert Neil Patel, the more difficult it becomes for your audience to easily share your content, they would be less likely to do it. You may even buy real Instagram likes to boost your website traffic.

Focus on Using Social Media Buttons & Plugins

You could compel readers to positively share your content simply by using some social media plugins. There are diverse plugins which could be helping you in spreading your content easily via social media platforms. One of the effective ways are utilizing click to Tweet that allows readers to specifically highlight some parts of the content for sharing on social media but without leaving your page.

Moreover, you must necessarily incorporate social media buttons which are supposed to be mobile-friendly and they would not be distracting or disturbing your readers even while scrolling.


Utilizing social media could be a great idea for boosting overall brand recognition and online presence. It could also, help in driving a lot of traffic to your website. Follow the above-discussed expert tips and see your website traffic swell in leaps and bounds!

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