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5 Amazing Trends In Modern 3D Printing Technology

The ways in which 3D printing technology is being used today are honestly pretty amazing. There are applications and uses that seem like something out of a movie but are a very real part of day to day life because of 3D printers. While the technology was pretty limited in scope when it first hit the market that’s definitely no longer the case.

3D printing quality, use cases, and availability have all increased dramatically in the past several years. If you’ve never paid attention to the trends going on with this type of technology before, now is one of the most exciting times to start checking out what’s going on. Owning a 3D printer is something that’s entirely possible for even the average consumer at this point.

With the newest trends emerging and even past uses developing newer better options, it’s clear 3D printing is here to stay. Still wondering how 3D printers are being used in some pretty amazing ways? Here are five amazing trends in modern 3D printing technology that you have to see.

1. Bioprinting And Other Medical Uses

One of the most amazing ways 3D printers are being used is in modern medical applications. Bioprinting (using live genetic materials to print tissue that’s viable and similar to what our own bodies have) is something that seemed entirely impossible at one point in time. However, with 3D printing doctors and researchers are now using bioprinting as an increasingly popular option to treat patients every day. 

As if bioprinting isn’t cool enough on its own, there are a lot of other amazing ways medicine is incorporating 3D printing to improve the lives of patients. 3D printing technology is being used to print prosthetic limbs for people who may not have been able to get one before now. Having the ability to customize and print something specifically for a patient is changing the game.

In the past, young patients needing a prosthetic limb may have been forced to wait until they were done growing. The cost of having to replace a prosthetic every time a child outgrew the one they had already was pretty prohibitive. This is no longer the case. With 3D printing, patients are able to have their prosthetic device printed for much less than the cost of other options.

The ways medicine is incorporating 3D printing into our daily lives is only going to continue to grow. 3D printing has been shaking things up for years now and it doesn’t seem to be stopping any time soon. Keep an eye on where the medical field goes with this technology. It’s sure to be an exciting thing to watch. 

2. Construction And Manufacturing

Manufacturing was one of the first fields to adopt 3D printing into their day to day operations. Because of this, there are some pretty awesome things they’ve been able to develop and execute just because they’ve had so much time to test things out. From printing structures on site to ways to build cheaper homes, the ways they use 3D printing are growing daily.

In China, the world’s largest 3D printed concrete bridge saved a company 33% over their normal process of bridge building. 3D printing eliminated the need to include some of the more costly internal support structures they normally have to use while doing similar projects. 

The cost-saving ways 3D printing is being used in construction don’t stop there. The ability to print things offsite and have them assembled once printed has changed the cost of things like building a house. Companies now have the chance to print out major pieces of a house and have them set up once they arrive on site. 

The savings related to 3D printing are being passed down to consumers and it’s showing up in lower costs for buying a home and other exciting ways. The future uses of this technology in the field of manufacturing and construction are unlimited right now. 

3. 3D Printing Uses In Education

Because the cost of this type of technology has decreased as it’s become more prevalent, a lot of schools and universities now have 3D printers on their campus. The ways 3D printing is used in the education field are increasing rapidly because of this. For example, teachers now have the chance to print models they previously had to buy from other sources. 

Students can print out models too, meaning they’re able to spend a lot more time seeing things in hands-on ways. If a student is studying the molecular structure of things in their lives they can print out a model instead of relying on a picture in a book. There are plenty of ways students are using 3D printing to increase their learning opportunities.

Some schools have even started using 3D printing as a way to teach students about creating digital designs in CAD. It’s an engaging way to get kids involved in something that may have seemed overwhelming and too complex before now. The chances for teachers and students to continue to benefit from 3D printing are increasing exponentially every day.

4. Pricing Is Now Affordable (Even For Your Own Home Use)

Owning your own 3D printer may not have been possible when this technology was first introduced but that’s no longer the case. A fused filament 3D printer can now be purchased for just a few hundred dollars. The cost for filaments to print your items is dropping too. There are even specialized filaments infused with wood or other materials available now too.

The ways you can use 3D printing at home are pretty cool too. You can print almost anything you might be able to imagine. Cups, phone cases, jewelry, those are all possible with 3D printers. Whatever you might be able to think up probably has a way to be printed with a 3D printer in your home. 

If you don’t want to make your own design files there are tons of free designs available online for you too. There’s a lot you can do without ever having to learn how to use CAD if you really don’t want to. There’s never been a better time to own a 3D printer than right now. 

5. Design And Fashion Trends

This sometimes takes people by surprise but 3D printing is being used by the fashion industry too. Jewelry and other accessories are increasingly being designed and printed by individual sellers and brands alike. Many of the things being printed are offered to customers as something that’s able to be custom made to their specifications.

While customized jewelry is sometimes too expensive for the average consumer to afford, that’s not the case with 3D printed items. Designers are able to make easy adjustments to a design plan and print whatever the customer wants to see. The ability to do this at an affordable price is popular with customers and creators alike.


It’s hard to say where 3D printing will be used next but with these types of trends already out there, it’s sure to be exciting to see what happens. The ways 3D printing is changing our world are truly amazing. There’s never been a more exciting time to see where this technology will go next. 

Gabe Nelson

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