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Influencer Marketing by Numbers

The practice of hiring popular, relatable people on social media to promote your brand and products to their audience has come to be known as influencer marketing. As pointed out by SmallBizGenius, this is different from influence marketing, where the actual product promotion is done in the form of a narrative.

While today people from diverse social strata can become influencers, for a while, it was mainly considered to be a job fit for a celebrity, or any popular, prominent public figure. Nowadays, the business community is showing a growing tendency towards hiring people based on factors other than fame.

In fact, recent data shows that the top three priorities for marketers’ influencer selection have come to include content quality, product relevance, and personality.

Once a brand has chosen its influencer or a set of influencers for that matter, the next thing to do is track their success rate. There are different ways in which influencers can bring profit to marketers, a major one being raising brand awareness. 

Statistics illustrate the rising popularity of this marketing method. Last year, 78% of marketers decided to apply influencer marketing, and of those, 81% achieved success. 

Personal blogs used to be a popular option for influencers when choosing a platform for brand promotion, but social media has taken over as the more common choice nowadays. Current stats show that the top four social media for influencer marketing are Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

While Instagram is the leading platform for this purpose, there are differences depending on the products promoted, as well as the target audience. YouTubers, for instance, get the best feedback from teens, as this is the most popular and commonly accessed social media platform accessed by the teen demographic and creators on this website are considered most influential by younger audiences.

When it comes to potential customers in older age brackets, they have somewhat more practical preferences. For example, seeing the influencer using the product herself, or knowing that a brand has a positive stance towards the environment are factors older customers see as significant. 

For more amazing facts and stats about the world of influencer marketing, check out the infographic below. 

Please include attribution to smallbizgenius.net with this graphic.

Under the Influence - 84 Influencer Marketing Stats

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